Big Data is the Answer – What was the Question?

The Big Data Analytics promise: enable “data monetization” through more timely, more accurate, more complete, more granular, more frequent decisions. So, what exactly are the types of business problems big data analytics likely to solve?  For this you need a mini-MBA in Big Data Use Cases.

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    Michael Hummel says:

    Thanks to Shirish for that great article about use cases of BigData!

    I would love to add some thoughts that support his claim of BigData uses cases being real and only to takle with BigData soltuions.

    This is because not only the data changed over the past years, but also the expectations of the users and the infrastructure.

    Let’s just pick one use case… Web Analytics or Click-Stream analytics.

    In the past most companies looked at their traffic figures once a week, mostly Monday morning for the past week.
    -> infrequent, large queries on historic data, reporting-style queries, response time below 10mins acceptable

    Now-a-days shop owners want to know what happend in the past minute in comparison to a normal day at this point in time. They segment not only be time but by region, product, user-profile etc.
    They run ad or email-campaings and want to monitor the effect whilst the campagin is still running! They want to change their website 100 times a day to try out diffent layouts and their effect on conversion…
    -> not reporting, its about gaining insights and thats an iterative process
    -> many queries, expectation of response time to be in the one digit seconds or below
    -> real-time segmentation of clicks in n-dimensions down to a single user / user group
    -> up-to-date data, every clicks needs to find its way into the analytical results within a few seconds, not next day!
    -> and you will have many users working interactively with the web analytics system, i.e. high throughput capability is essential.

    Fact: the world is not only downing in data volume. Through more competition and maturity of markets the business requirements and expectations grow rappidly.
    Being able to Analyse BigData in real-time, with low-latency with high-throughput enables sustainable business differentiation.

    Be part of the change. Or the change will pull you apart.
    Best Mike

    Mohan Kumar says:

    Great article Ravi and Shirish! Excellent use cases. Of course most of these are focussed on US. Would be interesting to know how Big Data is being adopted in emerging markets specially India and China.

    Guido says:

    Thanks, very interesting, including self-explaining pictures. Still missing a little bit the business cases in financial services and banking. Thanks Guido

    Mark Chmarny says:

    Really good read, thank you. The pragmatism of Big Data is something I have been after for a while now. While we certainly need more innovation in basic tooling, the bigger need is to demonstrate a very practical and real-life based application of big data analytics. I even went as far as building 3 high level use-cases for such applications… my 3 big data killer apps if you wish ;)


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