Saama’s Acquisition of Comprehend Fuels Strategic Growth

Growing a successful company is like raising a child. From the time it enters the world, your goal is to guide and nurture, and celebrate important milestones while making investments to ensure a productive, successful future.

At Saama, we are currently celebrating such a milestone, one born of a strategic investment that will enhance our company’s success and help ensure that it will continue to grow and flourish for decades to come.

Saama recently acquired Comprehend Systems, Inc., the Redwood City, CA-based clinical intelligence solutions leader. Comprehend and Saama are an exciting and well-aligned match. Comprehend has an impressive, decade-long history of providing life science companies with their cutting-edge suite of cloud applications. Comprehend’s pedigree complements and reinforces Saama’s position as the advanced clinical data analytics innovator that has been successfully unleashing insights from life science data for over 20 years to dramatically improve the clinical trial process.

Together, Saama and Comprehend will deploy and evolve our best-in-class clinical analytics platforms to increase our combined market share, expand our partner ecosystems and deliver on our mutual commitment to accelerate clinical development towards unmet patient needs. Our new partnership elevates our ability to do what we do best – innovate cutting-edge, AI-powered clinical development solutions and software that empower biopharma to facilitate more rapid drug development.

Dr. Rebecca Daniels Kush, founder of the Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) and valued member of Saama’s Clinical Board of Advisors, summed it up best when she said “Saama and Comprehend offer life sciences companies and patient-focused organizations the ability to access and optimize a combined ecosystem of unique, state of the art analytics solutions and visualization tools that enable the re-imagination of clinical development and the realization of precision medicine.”

We welcome Comprehend to the Saama family. We are excited to work together to strategically partner and empower our newly-formed data analytics powerhouse to achieve a singular vision of improving human health through the application of AI-powered solutions for actionable clinical trial insights.


About Suresh Katta

mmSuresh founded Saama Technologies, Inc. with a vision to turn raw data into actionable insights that enable enterprise leaders to make timely and reliable decisions for critical business discovery. As the CEO of Saama, Suresh is responsible for the strategy, vision and the execution of the company’s long-term plan. Suresh applied his lifelong love of mathematics to solve complex data analysis well before the term “big data” became ubiquitous. Today, Saama is made up of intelligent, helpful people with a passion for math, data, and analytics.

Since the company’s launch, Suresh and his team have built an extensive history of providing data scientist led solutions and services in the big data and business analytics market for top enterprise companies, and public sector agencies.

Suresh has successfully launched two start ups, including co-founding GVI, which developed groupware applications and was sold to Netscape in 1995. His work has earned industry-wide recognition and he can frequently be seen at IT conferences as a discussion panel member and featured speaker.

Suresh earned his M.S. in Computer Engineering at the University of Southwest Louisiana, and his B.S. in Electronics Engineering at the University of Bangalore in India.

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