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Article Blog Featured - Blog General December 16, 2015 2 minute read

5 trends for Big Data Nirvana in 2016

From Appification, Processification and Specification of Analytics to Contextualization & Democratization

2015 is coming to a close, and the promised land of mainstream Big Data Analytics is around the corner. Let’s predict what we’ll see in 2016.

#1 Appification of Analytics:

Big data-driven analytics will come to the mainstream. Complexity of data and insights from data using machine learning will become byte sized and actionable at the App level. Mobile devices will be the last mile with this Appification of Analytics. Consumers will leverage the power of advanced analytics for their daily activities. Productivity and the quality of life will enhance significantly. For example, predictive insights interconnecting weather, traffic, friends, and food behaviors might recommend which movie to go to today or which hike to venture into.

#2 Processification of Analytics

Enterprises will start changing the course of their business processes based on Analytics. The maturity curve in a few functions will move from a diagnostic level to a predictive level. Specific intervention programs influencing the business processes will be spearheaded by the results of these predictive outcomes. A significant number of businesses will move from Big Data ‘use cases’ to strategic ‘business outcomes’.

#3 Specification from Analytics

Collaboration and social media tools will see newer horizons opened up for them. Some of the existing tools will innovate, or newer collaboration engines will emerge. These will not be limited to just sharing photos, videos and conversations. They will ‘interpret’ the data exchanges and provide inline content. Thanks to machine learning and computing speeds, we will see an era of machine generated content that makes sense. For example, an auto generated WhatsApp message might be able to generate a message stating that ‘the topic being discussed and shared is baseless’.

#4 Contextualization of Analytics

Big Data analytics will blur the boundaries among consumption and commerce. Thanks to machine learning, we will see tools emerging that would make buying mostly contextual. For example, when you are at the last pages of your Martian book on a Kindle, Amazon will send you a link for downloading the movie tickets at a theater near you, with a coupon to your favorite Italian restaurant. Big data and its interpretation will make commerce a natural extension of your activity rather than a separate chore to complete.

#5 Democratization of Analytics

Computational speeds, low cost storage, machine learning and other technology disruptions will make Analytics a true level playing field. This wave of Analytics Democracy will open up new business models while challenging slow movers.

These are my thoughts, but what do you think will be the important trends in 2016? Leave a comment below.

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