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What will Clinical Research Look Like in 5, 10, 20 Years? Are We Heading to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory? Part 1 of 4

By Sagar Anisingaraju | November 6, 2019

Saama Chief Strategy Officer Sagar Anisingaraju participated in a panel discussion titled “Future Visions: Are We Heading to Heaven, Hell or Purgatory?” at MAGI’s Clinical Research Conference – 2019 West. The following is Part 1 of 4 installments of the discussion, moderated by Jonathan Zung, Ph.D., member of Saama’s Clinical Board of Advisors and EVP, WCG.

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Saama’s Acquisition of Comprehend Fuels Strategic Growth

By Suresh Katta | August 14, 2019

Together, Saama and Comprehend will deploy and evolve our best-in-class clinical analytics platforms to increase our combined market share, expand our partner ecosystems and deliver on our mutual commitment to accelerate clinical development towards unmet patient needs.

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A Metadata-Driven Approach for Trial Data Management & Analysis for Application in Scalable Clinical Data Lakes

By Nikhil Gopinath | June 5, 2019

In clinical research and development, data is central to optimizing clinical trials, especially the way the studies are designed and executed. In order to meet the demand of scientists, operations, and project management teams, life sciences companies have evolved their data collection systems with cloud-based solutions. Even though traditional ETL is useful when preparing data…

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Managing Site and Study Performance in Clinical Trials with AI

By Leon Surgeon | May 13, 2019

Clinical trials are extremely expensive and are often fraught with delays. With the increasing complexity of clinical trials, the cost and delays tend to increase and add to the potential risk-factors as well. The pharmaceutical industry is leveraging AI technology to streamline clinical study processes and make them more efficient. It has already made a…

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AI Can Deliver Unprecedented ROI in Clinical Trials by Managing Data Quality and Compliance

By Leon Surgeon | May 8, 2019

While the potential use cases of AI have increased and its adoption has already gone up in the past few years, the pharmaceutical industry has ample headroom to leverage AI to its fullest. The reason for the lag is, although the technology is new, the methodology driving the processes is still old. One of the…

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Streamlining Clinical Trials with AI

By Leon Surgeon | April 4, 2019

A clinical trial involves a set of complex processes, which include writing the protocol, recruiting patients, conducting the study, and culminating in bringing the drug to market. There are many stakeholders involved, in different capacities, to carry out these processes, ensure adherence to regulations, and keep the trial on track. Here are some of the…

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Saama: Walking in IDC’s Footprint, But Forging Our Own Path

By Leon Surgeon | March 27, 2019

Saama recently attended IDC’s 2019 Directions Conference in Santa Clara, CA to hear from the go-to IT industry advisor about how to ensure success in the scaled-up digital economy. The information shared by IDC during the conference was yet another validation of the accuracy of Saama’s strategic vision and data analytics offerings for the life…

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Patient Safety Made More Effective with ML-Enabled Solutions

By Srinivasan Anandakumar | February 27, 2019

Patients’ safety is the top priority in any clinical trial. The data safety and monitoring services (DSMC) are there to ensure that the clinical studies are safe and run in accordance with regulations. The medical monitors observe the study in critical detail to ensure patient safety is assured. While medical monitors are here to keep…

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Advancing Outcomes-Based AI to Interact with Trial Data

By Malaikannan Sankarasubbu | February 25, 2019

Only two months into 2019, Saama is excited to announce a capabilities expansion for its Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA). DaLIA, a context and domain-aware conversational user interface for Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC), was launched in 2018 and shifted the human-computer interaction paradigm. DaLIA’s new, heightened functionality reinforces Saama’s position as an industry…

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Mitigate Risks with AI Capability

By Amit Gulwadi | February 21, 2019

One of the major challenges of managing clinical trials is collecting and applying relevant and important performance metrics. These Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are used to monitor quality and efficiency of the processes. There are many operational parameters that need monitoring, a few of them being: First and last site activated First and last patient…

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Saama’s New Patent and Why it Matters

By Rajeev Dadia | December 10, 2018

Saama’s expertise as a leading data analytics innovator continues to be recognized, with the company having just been awarded a new patent, “Systems and Methods for Analyzing Consumer Sentiment with Social Perspective Insight.” This patent focuses on a system which is adaptive, making data harmonization and systems of engagement within systems of intelligence more fluid. Through smart metadata…

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Insights-Driven Trial Planning – Better Decisions for Better Trial Outcomes

By Nekzad Shroff | November 19, 2018

This is Part #2 of a blog series describing how disruptive innovation technologies such as Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud is enabling the Pharma industry to bend its clinical development cost curve sharply downwards while bringing cures to patients sooner.  This blog, co-authored by Nekzad Shroff  and Amit Gulwadi , explains the ROI benefits of improved trial planning decisions…

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Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond Blog Series Concluding Post

By Ken Massey | November 6, 2018

In September, Saama initiated a novel blog series, Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond, which proudly showcased the experience and expertise of the six newest members of Saama’s Clinical Board of Advisors. These stellar professionals offered insightful commentary and informed predictions about the current and future role AI-enabled data analytics will play in the life science industry’s ongoing clinical development efforts.

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Saama to the Rescue: Trial Manager

By Luke Stewart | October 31, 2018

Saama continues our new blog series, “Saama to the Rescue,” in which we profile common, real-life challenges encountered by various levels of clinical trial leadership every day, and how Saama solutions can pave the way for more efficient and effective clinical operations. We recognize that, in any clinical study, trial leadership at every level have…

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Cost Considerations: Data Analytics for Biotech Clinical Trials

By Jay Kaminski | October 29, 2018

This week concludes Saama’s Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond blog series, each installment of which has been authored by one of our six new Clinical Board of Advisor members. In this final post, Jay Kaminski  , Chief Operating Officer at Celularity and former Senior Vice President of Global Clinical Research & Development Operations at Celgene Corporation, explores the challenges…

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