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Operationalize Your Big Data Analytics Program

By Saama Executives | November 26, 2011

Big Data Analytics is now moving beyond the realm of intellectual curiosity to having a tangible impact on business. At this stage of adoption of a new technology, it becomes important to discuss how a Big Data project can move from concept to execution inside an enterprise context. Questions being asked by early adopters of…

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Look Beyond Traditional Pharma Sales Data

By Saama Executives | November 21, 2011

Just attended a whole day training about Pharmaceutical sales data by Kosta Tzavaras, the renowned author of books like ‘Pharmaceutical Sales Data 101’ and ‘Patient Data 101’. The information was quite insightful and definitely helped me better understand how different sets of data available from different sources are analyzed to serve the Pharmaceutical sales force.

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Data, Data and more Data…

By Saama Executives | November 17, 2011

By 2015, nearly 3 billion people will be online, pushing the data created and shared to nearly 8 zettabytes.  Centurylink created this cool infographic to highlight the data deluge and big data issues.

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Use your senses – Future of BI?

By Saama Executives | November 16, 2011

It is way past mid night and I am reading an interesting article on Mashable about Umami ( launching a mobile app that uses the ‘hearing’ sense of a mobile device such as iPhone or iPad to deliver content on second screens.  There are several second screen apps in the market but this one takes the top spot…

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Why can’t I find good BI Business Analysts?

By Saama Executives | November 12, 2011

In my 14 years of career in Business Intelligence (BI) and after executing several end-to-end BI projects, I have barely come across a handful of ‘good’ BI Business Analysts (BI BA).   Aren’t there enough in the industry?  I am not sure. What makes them so scarce? ‘BI Business Analyst’ to me looks like a commonly…

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What is a "Hadoop" ? – Explaining Big Data to the C-Suite

By Saama Executives | November 10, 2011

Keep hearing about Big Data and Hadoop? Having a hard time understanding what is behind the curtain?

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Tips for developing a BI roadmap

By Saama Executives | November 4, 2011

Every BI Manager must know that the 3 key expectations that any business group has from their BI infrastructure are data availability, data reliability and data completeness. Even if one of these is not fulfilled, the business will not be able to make the right decisions. Data Availability – Availability of relevant data when you…

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The CIO Diaries

By Sagar Anisingaraju | October 27, 2011
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How do you measure BioPharma MSL's?

By Saama Executives | October 26, 2011

With regulations creating these clear boundaries to prevent the “Medical Affairs” teams from being measured by the resulting sales, a common question that I’ve heard a few times is “Is there something we can measure beyond ‘activities’”.  Its quite common to find a bunch of metrics and charts that tell you how much time is…

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Exalytics, Exalogic and Exadata

By Saama Executives | October 19, 2011

Following the success of its Exadata (database as a service) and Exalogic (middleware-as-a-service) engineered systems, Oracle unveiled Exalytics Business Intelligence at Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

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Automated Change Management for SAP Business Objects

By Saama Executives | October 5, 2011

Business Intelligence and Data Management Environments are getting complex year after year due to macro industry trends like mergers/acquisitions, rapid growth, outsourcing and others. To maintain the agility of these BI solutions and meet changing business demands, it is imperative that IT teams have  good control on their BI platforms. Given SAP Business Objects has…

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Can Pharma really learn from CPG?

By Saama Executives | October 4, 2011

Pharma’s traditional approach to getting in touch with Physicians and trying to promote their products has been seen as struggling to achieve its goals.  A recent industry report indicated that the number of Physicians who were not accessible has gone up from about 20% about 5 years ago to about 40% in 2010.  Many of…

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Wanted: Chief Information Officer – Business Intelligence

By Saama Executives | October 3, 2011

In a tough economy, a new tech-fueled BI and analytics arms race is on to create the next competitive advantage. Everyone is beginning to look beyond the status quo in BI, analytics, Big Data, Cloud Computing etc to fundamentally change how they discover fresh insights, how they can make smarter decisions, profit from customer intelligence and social…

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Sentiment Analytics, Federal Reserve and Consumer Behavior

By Saama Executives | September 28, 2011

What do these have in common:  The Federal Reserve Bank, Text Analytics, Facebook, Statistical Computations, Big Data and Keyword/Phrase/Boolean searching? Interestingly these are more related than you think. The Federal Reserve wants to develop a next generation Consumer Listening Platform based on social media sentiment analytics (or opinion mining) to know what people are saying and commenting…

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Life Sciences – Master Data Management Challenges

By Saama Executives | September 23, 2011

MDM has received quite a bit of attention in the recent past and we have seen many companies across the LS spectrum adopt and embrace this.  The Physicians Payment Sunshite Act has also been a key driver for enterprises to create a master data repository for their HCPs (Health Care Professionals), to ensure that the…

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