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Data Scientist, Analytics Guru, or Math Geek?

By Saama Executives | August 19, 2011

Analytics Challenge — California physicians group Heritage Provider Network Inc. is offering $3 million to any person or firm who develops the best model to predict how many days a patient is likely to spend in the hospital in a year’s time. Contestants will receive “anonymized” insurance-claims data to create their models. The goal is…

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Executing a Business Intelligence Center of Excellence

By Saama Executives | August 8, 2011

Data Rich, Information Poor Data overload is becoming a huge challenge for businesses and a headache for decision makers.  Public and private sector corporations are drowning in data — from sales, transactions, pricing, supply chains, discounts, product, customer process, projects, RFID smart tags, tracking of shipments, as well as e-mail, Web traffic and social media. Enterprise software,…

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Business Intelligence Center of Excellence (BI CoE)

By Saama Executives | August 2, 2011

A good decision,  made in the absence of knowledge,  is merely a lucky one. The biggest change facing corporations is the explosion of data and tools. The opportunity is in helping different business units  and functions capture, analyze and manage all that data and disparate technology tools/platforms. The “Raw Data -> Aggregated Data ->  Contextual…

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Hidden Trends in BI – Part 2

By Saama Executives | July 25, 2011

Predictive Analytics for the masses seems like the next wave beyond the “BI for masses”.  Predictive Analytics / Data Mining as a technology has been available to main stream commercial organizations for several years now, but it has still been the tool of a small team of Data Specialists, statisticians etc locked away in some…

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A phased approach for business value planning of IT Services – Part 2

By Sagar Anisingaraju | July 24, 2011

In the last post, we have discussed the first two of five phases in business value computation of IT Services. To recap, the five phases are: Phase-I: Business-IT Alignment Phase-II: IT Service Impact Planning Phase-III: Planning the Effectiveness & Availability of IT Services Phase-IV: Measuring the Value of IT Phase-V: Outcomes Let us see the specifics…

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Mobile BI – Business KPIs and Dashboards “on-the-go”

By Saama Executives | July 20, 2011

Business Analytics solutions for “always-on” 3/4G enabled mobile devices – tablets, smart phones – are becoming prevalent as the form factor becomes appropriate for BI.   We are increasingly seeing firms build state-of-the-art dashboard solutions for iPads. The apps provides senior management with intuitive interactive access to the company’s most important business KPIs and dealing with…

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Hidden Trends in BI – Part 1

By Saama Executives | July 14, 2011

Although “information enabled decisions” is a philosophy that has been discussed and promoted widely in the recent times, it has not yet become the mainstream SOP (standard operating protocol). With a big part of the Business Leaders now being mobile and remote, this has become a bigger challenge. Actionable vs Action Enabled BI Enter the…

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Gartner’s BI Market Predictions – "Round up the Usual Suspects"

By Saama Executives | July 7, 2011

According to a new Gartner report, the software market for business intelligence, analytics and corporate performance management grew by 13.4% in 2010 to $10.5 billion. Dont’ Rock BI The Boat – Big 4 Hold 60% Market-Share The software market share breakdown was unchanged from 2009, Gartner found. SAP held the lead (thanks to its 2007…

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Harry Potter, The Elephant, The FBI and The Data Warehouse

By Saama Executives | June 24, 2011

In the ancient Indian parable of the elephant, six blind men touch an elephant and report  six very different views of the same animal. Compare this scenario to a data warehouse that gets data from six different sources. “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” as a field in a database can be written as “HP…

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A phased approach for business value planning of IT Services – Part1

By Sagar Anisingaraju | June 21, 2011

Business value planning of IT Services can be conducted in a phased approach. Depending on the organizational culture and IT maturity, the time for each phase may vary but the activities under each phase are more or less the same. We can broadly classify the planning into five phases. Phase-I: Business-IT Alignment Phase-II: IT Service…

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Measuring IT Services for success: A LOB-CIO conversation

By Sagar Anisingaraju | May 31, 2011

In the earlier posts I have explained how three attributes namely: Impact, Effectiveness and Availability can be used to measure the value of each IT Service for a given Line of Business (LOB). Easy as it might sound, the devil is however in the detail. In real world, for each LOB the unit of measure…

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Data Visualization – The Medium is the Message

By Saama Executives | May 22, 2011

Marshall McLuhan‘s enigmatic phrase from the sixties gives him credit for predicting the World Wide Web 30 years ago.  He could have just as well have been talking about Data Visualization for Business Analytics. While information management technology has grown at a blistering pace, the human ability to process and comprehend numerical data has not. Visualization…

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Modeling IT Services for Business Value Measurement (ITBM)

By Sagar Anisingaraju | May 17, 2011

In the earlier article, I explained that whether IT is considered as a strategic differentiator or a commodity, organizations need to come up with a consistent framework to measure its value to business on an ongoing basis. One way to come up with a measurable framework is to think of business and IT organizations as…

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Whether IT matters or not, we need to measure its value to business!

By Sagar Anisingaraju | May 10, 2011

About eight years have gone by since Nicholas Carr famously argued that “IT Doesn’t Matter”, in his often quoted article in Harvard Business Review. Countless rebuttals and affirmations have since been posted all over the cyberspace. Whether IT is a mere commodity or a strategic value to business, what cannot be escaped is a need…

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On Big Data and In-Memory Data Clouds

By Saama Executives | May 1, 2011

Data growth curve:  Terabytes -> Petabytes -> Exabytes -> Zettabytes -> Yottabytes -> Brontobytes -> Geopbytes.  It is getting more interesting. Consider this: Online firms–including Facebook, Visa, Zynga–use Big Data technologies like Hadoop to analyze massive amounts of business transaction data and application data. Wall street investment banks, hedge funds, algorithmic and low latency traders…

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