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Whether IT matters or not, we need to measure its value to business!

By Sagar Anisingaraju | May 10, 2011

About eight years have gone by since Nicholas Carr famously argued that “IT Doesn’t Matter”, in his often quoted article in Harvard Business Review. Countless rebuttals and affirmations have since been posted all over the cyberspace. Whether IT is a mere commodity or a strategic value to business, what cannot be escaped is a need…

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On Big Data and In-Memory Data Clouds

By Saama Executives | May 1, 2011

Data growth curve:  Terabytes -> Petabytes -> Exabytes -> Zettabytes -> Yottabytes -> Brontobytes -> Geopbytes.  It is getting more interesting. Consider this: Online firms–including Facebook, Visa, Zynga–use Big Data technologies like Hadoop to analyze massive amounts of business transaction data and application data. Wall street investment banks, hedge funds, algorithmic and low latency traders…

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