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machine learning

How to Turbo-charge your Machine Learning Model

By Narendra Shukla | March 29, 2017

Processing and analysing data calls for great computing power and advanced technology stacks. The evolution we witnessing today has been gradual. In this blog, Narendra Shukla reminisces this journey with us. Ingesting massive amount of data requires exceptionally fast computing power. The appetite for radically advancing the computing speed increased with the need for processing…

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Machine Learning

Smarter Contact Centers with Machine Learning

By Saama Executives | March 22, 2017

When it comes to contact center analytics, the most fruitful information lies in knowing what the customer talks about and what caused them to call – something that is often only captured in approximate terms by an interactive voice response system and the contact centre agents. In this blog, we talk about how advanced math-heavy approaches…

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Clinical Data Analysis – Taking a centre-stage in Clinical Trials

By Amit Patil | February 22, 2017

Healthcare, as in any other sector, has been pressing forth towards adopting and using technology as a tool for simplifying management of patient data, healthcare and healthcare related processes. Millions of dollars in clinical trials are spent to come up with newer drugs. Clinical trials are long, expensive and their timely success is imperative for…

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Lines of Therapy

Line of Therapy Analytics: A key to commercial drug success

By Rajeev Gangal | February 15, 2017

Patient-care related overtones and the interplay between payers, providers, patients, governments and producers have made Life Sciences and Healthcare a complex system. But what simplifies it is the Real World Data as this can help pharma and biotech companies mine trends in real world product usage and align their marketing, market access, medical affairs and…

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patient centric care pharma healthcare

Rising stakes on Patient-centric care, Value-Based pricing & RWD?

By Murali Krishnam | October 6, 2016

Patient-centric care that was once the most sought-after trend for the pharma industry, has now gone mainstream. In this blog, Murali Krishnam, Vice President – Life Sciences Analytics Solutions, Saama Technologies, shares his experiences from the recently concluded Advanced Pharma Analytics USA Summit and also spotlights the new trends that will be steering the industry…

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tip for healthcare data analytics

How to survive and excel in the fast changing world of Healthcare Data Analytics

By Dr. Dee Amanze | September 13, 2016

It is no secret that Data Analytics is rapidly changing within the healthcare segment. What is important though is that each organization has a proven way of analyzing and quantifying their involvement in the areas of change. Here are a few tips on what matters most: Develop an analytics tool or engine that is capable…

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life sciences solutions

Using Real World Evidence to Drive Affordability of Specialty Drugs

By Nekzad Shroff | June 17, 2016

How can specialty drug manufacturers drive affordability using RWE analytics? Real World Evidence (RWE) is fast becoming a key differentiator in the crowded and competitive pharmaceutical landscape, and more so in the specialty drug segment. RWE refers to the evidence and insights gained from the observation of clinical outcomes in “real world” practice settings. The…

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Life science analytics

Saama Announces Fluid Analytics for Life Sciences – Orchestration Stack For Fastest Impact

By Saama Executives | May 26, 2016

Top RWE analytics provider for Life Sciences Enables Life Sciences Industry to Turn Massive Volumes of Data into Actionable Insights for Faster, Safer and More Effective Clinical Operations, Real World Evidence Analysis and Drug Development  CAMPBELL, Calif. – May 26, 2016 – Saama Technologies, Inc., a leading Big Data solutions company, today announced the Fluid…

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Overcoming Real Challenges in Real World Evidence Adoption

By Asa Murphy | December 7, 2015

Real World Evidence is here Historically, decisions about drug efficacy and safety prior to launch have been driven strictly by the results of randomized controlled trials (RCTs). Today, however, evidence from real-world settings (outside of clinical trials) is more widely available, partly as a result of Healthcare’s move to a “pay for performance” model. Real…

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world of personalized medicine

The Tale of Big Data Analytics Helping Genomics Move from Research to Personalized Medicine

By Ramkumar Dorairaj | July 2, 2015

The role of genomics in disease research involves determining how a patient would react to a particular drug. The process is referred to as “Pharmacogenomics” or “Personalized medicine”. Big data capabilities and advancements in computational techniques have been leading a revolution in the genomics space that has helped reduce the cost of genome sequencing from…

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Should Pharma Companies Care about Social Media?

By Haranath Gnana | September 8, 2014

There are many reports and recommendations from companies like McKinsey and others suggesting various approaches and strategies to deal with “Social” data–one of the most significant areas generating interest as part of the “Big Data” hype.  Although many of these appear to target more consumer-oriented industries, such as retail, consumer goods, financial services etc, most…

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analytics in life sciences

Leveraging data science to accelerate clinical trial results

By Saama Executives | May 21, 2013

How data analytics helps clinical trials? How can data science help accelerate clinical trials, you’d ask. Data science techniques offer prescriptive clues to solve patient recruitment and retention issues, generates insights by harvesting the data and helps improve success for clinical trials. Express Pharma which is India’s foremost Pharma & Biotech magazine recently published an…

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Managed Markets Analytics for Pharma – Prescription for Intelligence

By Saama Executives | May 18, 2012

Best approach to Managed Markets Analytics for pharma The managed care model has seen huge growth in the pharmaceutical industry in the US. It is estimated that 85% of all prescription drugs are today reimbursed through a managed care plan, and the remaining 15% of cash paid prescriptions is still shrinking. This proportion is even…

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Clinical Trials Optimization – Business Analytics to the rescue

By Saama Executives | February 26, 2012

Here’s how business analytics can optimize clinical trials A panel of Pharma industry leaders like GlaxoSmithKline, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, AstraZeneca, Sanofi, Eli Lilly, Pfizer and Shire talked about the importance of Clinical Trials Optimization for 2 days at the recently concluded conference in Philadelphia clearly showing the importance of this topic in the present times of economic…

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Look Beyond Traditional Pharma Sales Data

By Saama Executives | November 21, 2011

Just attended a whole day training about Pharmaceutical sales data by Kosta Tzavaras, the renowned author of books like ‘Pharmaceutical Sales Data 101’ and ‘Patient Data 101’. The information was quite insightful and definitely helped me better understand how different sets of data available from different sources are analyzed to serve the Pharmaceutical sales force.

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