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Insurance: Time to get smarter with Machine learning

Copious amount of data swarms the Insurance industry today. In this blog Amrita Dhar, Senior solutions marketing manager , Saama Technologies, talks about how this industry can utilize Machine Learning for processing, streamlining and systemizing this data for better insights. The old way of getting at insights is pretty much redundant now. Feeding in data, processing…

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Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics


Insurance providers are under intense pressure to innovate to create more personalized experiences and customized offerings that meet their customers’ demands. Smart companies have turned to data analytics to meet these needs, yet too frequently find themselves buried in massive data sets that make their jobs more difficult than ever. To stay ahead of the…

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It Doesn’t Take Much to Run Fraud Analytics – Try it Yourself

fraud analytics quickstart cloud saama

Saama listed as Representative Vendor of Insurance Fraud Analytics Solutions in the recently released Gartner Market Guide for Insurance Fraud Analytics.      Quickstart on Microsoft Azure Cloud shows a typical new big data use case – industry-specific with new data types and combinations. Among the leaks in insurance policies are fraudulent claims, a major concern…

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The Connected Home and its Impact on the Insurance Industry

Moving Beyond the Hype: the Reality of the Connected Home The Internet of Things (IoT) is changing the way, insurers and big data firms are thinking about how data is collected and interpreted. Like many other things within the IoT, the “connected home” brings big changes to insurers. A connected home is a networked home…

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