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Insights-Driven Trial Planning – Better Decisions for Better Trial Outcomes

This is Part #2 of a blog series describing how disruptive innovation technologies such as Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud is enabling the Pharma industry to bend its clinical development cost curve sharply downwards while bringing cures to patients sooner.  This blog, co-authored by Nekzad Shroff  and Amit Gulwadi , explains the ROI benefits of improved trial planning decisions…

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Using Real World Evidence to Drive Affordability of Specialty Drugs

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How can specialty drug manufacturers drive affordability using RWE analytics? Real World Evidence (RWE) is fast becoming a key differentiator in the crowded and competitive pharmaceutical landscape, and more so in the specialty drug segment. RWE refers to the evidence and insights gained from the observation of clinical outcomes in “real world” practice settings. The…

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Data Scientist – Business Savior or Elusive Myth?

The Harvard Business Review woke up the business world in October 2012 to a new reality in their article- “Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century“. Yes, you may be having the same reaction that I did – “What?! When did Data Scientists become sexier than those perennially sexy Engineers?” And of course….”What…

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