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Saama’s New Patent and Why it Matters

Saama’s expertise as a leading data analytics innovator continues to be recognized, with the company having just been awarded a new patent, “Systems and Methods for Analyzing Consumer Sentiment with Social Perspective Insight.” This patent focuses on a system which is adaptive, making data harmonization and systems of engagement within systems of intelligence more fluid. Through smart metadata…

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Cognitive Systems: Taking Cognizance of Machine Intelligence

Cognitive Systems

It’s been more than 60 years since the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI was coined. Since then it has provided great fodder to Hollywood movies like Ex Machina, The Terminator, I Robot, and many more, some portraying these self-learning machines as a scourge and others a savior. What powers AI is Cognitive Computing. In this…

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If Big Data were to become consumer friendly, would we still need data scientists?

By Rajeev Dadia, Chief Customer Officer, Saama Technologies Inc. The answer is: Yes. Here’s why. While you may not need data scientists to harness big data, you do need them to understand it, and more importantly, to use it along with statistical and modeling techniques to better answer business questions. Data scientists have been characterized as computer scientists that can tell the story of data by using business understanding, statistics,…

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