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2 Key Ways in Which Blockchain Can Enable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Building on the advantages of blockchain technology, Tushar Sinkar take a step forward to discuss ways in which blockchain can enable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Supply Chain. He presents use cases to establish blockchain’s ability to combat counterfeit drug production and its contribution in Autologous Therapy, which requires a high level of confidentiality, integrity and availability.…

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Blockchain in Drug Discovery and Development

The uses and application of blockchain technology are vast and far-reaching. In this article, Tushar Sinkar explores some blockchain uses that can be applied for drug discovery and development, such as eliminating data tampering and ensuring IP protection, among other uses.

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Disruptive Innovation of Blockchain and Evolution of Pharmaceutical Ecosystem in Data Integrity and Transparency

An interconnected ecosystem is the need of the hour in the pharmaceutical world, where it is more important than ever to enable sharing of information among patients, researchers, and manufacturers and supply chain organizations. However, sharing entails risk to data security. Tushar Sinkar discusses the merits of using blockchain to solve the data security issue and facilitate easy sharing of information.

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