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Article Blog Featured - Blog General February 27, 2015 3 minute read

From BI to Big Data to Fluid Analytics: Saama’s Strength is in the Soft

The growth in data is well documented and resonates with everyone; simply said: data availability today is unprecedented. But this digital age is a challenge for most companies. The speed of business today makes staying ahead of the profitability and innovation curve difficult. Markets, platforms, and regulations all rapidly and constantly change, plus new competition regularly emerges at every turn. In this environment, most businesses are neither nimble, nor aggressive enough to make certain timely, tough decisions. There is a lot of information available that can help, but only if an organization’s Big Data readiness is on target to get the most out of the data held within these growing digital haystacks.

Saama Fluid Analytics Engine

Saama customers have experienced these very challenges and have brought them to us, seeking help to make the most out of our data science and analytics expertise. In response, we have built the Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ that is exactly in tune with our customers’ needs. Our basic tenet is that “soft is strong”, placing a premium on flexibility every time. This technology-accelerated approach is the culmination of what we have built over our thousands of advanced analytics projects. A key architectural design point is the maximum use of our customer’s existing IT and data assets, making the most of previous BI investments and adding other assets, structure, or visualization as needed–all within an agnostic discovery, delivery and runtime approach.

In the following illustration we show how the Fluid Analytics Engine has been used in a range of use cases to quickly respond to regulatory or market needs.


The strength of the Fluid Analytics Engine increases with Saama strategy and roadmap consultations that start at the juncture of pre-existing assets to break down the opportunities and challenges of Big Data analytics. With the Fluid Analytics Engine we announced last week, we can often come to an initial assessment and prototype within a matter of weeks, which will show the mathematical model, a high-level economic and functional understanding and overall feasibility to make a difference for the organization’s topline, bottom-line or regulatory compliance.

Many customers today are Line of Business managers, not necessarily IT people. Often they have a good idea of what they need, but they run into complexity and issues of knowing how to pull together the actual data. Once these prototypes are built, very often we find that the initial idea was only the tip of the iceberg in terms of opportunity, and the solutions we can ultimately provide. And because we have done this for hundreds of customers, across different industries and technologies, the outcome is always very fast, very efficient, and very lasting.

With all the advances in technology, we are trailblazing in the space between services, software and hardware offerings to be a new kind of solutions company that addresses the ultimate client needs around time-to-market advantage. Our Fluid Analytics Engine, together with our complete set of data & analytics solution services, places our customers at the forefront of data-driven insights, a term touted as Big Data nirvana, but often not easily achieved.

A lot of companies are waiting on the sidelines, just letting their data assets rust, and missing the insights that data can reveal about their customers, products and businesses. What can your digital haystacks tell you? They might tell you things about your customers, products, supply chain, markets, employees, and shareholders. Big Data might tell you things that will improve your bottom line, increase customer satisfaction, and run your business more efficiently.

Powered by the Saama Fluid Analytics Engine, our Ready Analytics are just that: ready to drive analytics to be taken into key business processes that include customer churn analysis, win/loss analysis, warranty fraud, claims fraud, market segmentation, predictive failure analysis, customer/market sentiment, resource planning, patient sentiment, risk assessment / avoidance and general trend/cluster analysis. In all cases, we bring the disparate data together for the business to act upon. What is your competitive advantage based on data?

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.