Big Data is not all Social Media

data-world-resized-600-290x300It has been a little over a year since the term “Big Data” became a catch phrase, but it still appears to evoke the same kind of response as it did then with an interesting twist. The twist being, it evoked a sense of “awe” to begin with but that is turing into a sense of “confusion”.   There is still no one crisp, common, consistent definition of the term big data, which is one of the reasons for this confusion [reminds me of the .Net days, when it referring to everything from a coding framework, to a database to office products etc confusing the heck out of everyone:)]


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Doug Laney says:

Great to see the industry finally adopting the 3Vs of big data that Gartner first defined over 11 years ago. Here’s the original piece:

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