Life Sciences – Master Data Management Challenges

MDM has received quite a bit of attention in the recent past and we have seen many companies across the LS spectrum adopt and embrace this.  The Physicians Payment Sunshite Act has also been a key driver for enterprises to create a master data repository for their HCPs (Health Care Professionals), to ensure that the right spend amounts were being reported against these HCPs.  One of the easiest / simplest story lines to get funding for an MDM initiative that I’ve seen has been the classic “This is that way to ensure that the physician J Smith and Joe Smith as well as Joseph Smith are all either the same person or not”.

Several 3rd part Data Stewarding companies have setup eloborate automated+manual systems and processes to figure these out and provide this service on a subscription basis.  But the big challenge that LS companies seem to grapple with when it comes to the HCP MDM is not the merge / split up of their leaf level HCP data, but their affiliations or the associated organizations.  In fact one of our customers characterized this problem as being an animal that required 3-4 different views (of affiliations) – sales view – which could further breakdown into the incentive comp view based on IMS/WKH data and territory alignment that drives the interactions based view, i.e. how the reps plan their calls and log their interactions.  The CaseManagement view – which is where the drugs get shipped to.

Its surprising that although this appears to be a pretty simple problem, of having to present rollups to different groups in different ways – there does not seem to be a single simple/elegant solution to address this.  Well, for all those modelers reading this – here seems to be a great market opportunity to capitalize.  Get those creative juices flowing …


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Ashish Mirji says:

Understanding the logic to link the internal hierarchy of alignments with the hierarchy for affiliations will be the key to solve this problem. Does the customer know this logic? Worth asking.

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