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A Metadata-Driven Approach for Trial Data Management & Analysis for Application in Scalable Clinical Data Lakes

In clinical research and development, data is central to optimizing clinical trials, especially the way the studies are designed and executed. In order to meet the demand of scientists, operations, and project management teams, life sciences companies have evolved their data collection systems with cloud-based solutions. Even though traditional ETL is useful when preparing data…

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Saama: Walking in IDC’s Footprint, But Forging Our Own Path

Saama recently attended IDC’s 2019 Directions Conference in Santa Clara, CA to hear from the go-to IT industry advisor about how to ensure success in the scaled-up digital economy. The information shared by IDC during the conference was yet another validation of the accuracy of Saama’s strategic vision and data analytics offerings for the life…

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Data Analytics: A Trigger for Business Transformation

data analytics

Digital transformation has become inevitable for businesses and they need to evolve their IT information systems, else they would end-up risking their competitive positioning and advantage. Vasant Shetty draws from his experience to highlight the challenges faced by IT and their digital transformation initiatives. He also has a word for the wise regarding the future,…

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Big Data Challenges: Solving for Data Quality

Data harmonization is essential for generating actionable and accurate business insights. With accurate data, an organization can see significant impact on the bottom line. Sushil Jadhav describes his experience while troubleshooting a data accuracy issue for a client. Big Data and analytics solution providers attempt to solve a problem that arises from having too much…

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Top 10 steps for creating visually appealing dashboards

Seeing is knowing. More the visual appeal, more effective is the communique. The presentation of information becomes all the more important when you deal with business data as it needs to weave a visual story to keep the user glued. Data can be presented in several ways to make it look enticing and this blog…

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