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Insurance takes a 360 turn for its customers

Digital innovations and technical advancements are increasing the focus on enriching customer experiences. Sanjeev Kumar , VP, Head of Insurance at Saama technologies, highlights how insurance companies can elevate their customer experiences and achieve competitive differentiation in an increasingly commoditized market like this. Imagine a scenario where a hurricane is approaching Louisiana or a tornado is about to…

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Rising stakes on Patient-centric care, Value-Based pricing & RWD?

patient centric care pharma healthcare

Patient-centric care that was once the most sought-after trend for the pharma industry, has now gone mainstream. In this blog, Murali Krishnam, Vice President – Life Sciences Analytics Solutions, Saama Technologies, shares his experiences from the recently concluded Advanced Pharma Analytics USA Summit and also spotlights the new trends that will be steering the industry…

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Success of IoT: a looming reality?

IoT internet of things

As we approach the last leg of the year 2016, businesses seem to be in an analysis mode, performing a reality check on their investments in IoT. Nikita Upadhyay from Saama Technologies, sheds light on the success of this technology and chalks the future roadmap as it proliferates deeper into business and consumer segments. IoT…

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How big data and analytics is changing the world of recruitment

Remember the early 1990’s when pulling names from a Rolodex and dialing a phone meant effective recruitment. Soon after, we had the job boards of the 2000’s to simplify the hiring process. In The 2010’s of course, social media encouraged users to create and exchange content including emails, blogs, instant message (IM), Facebook, LinkedIn, photo…

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The Connected Ecosystem: Breaking down the frontier for P&C Insurers one sensor at a time

connected home insurer

Machine to machine communication coupled with real time analytics makes Internet of Things (IoT) a powerful tool. According to a recent survey by Accenture, The Internet of Things is forecast to comprise approximately 212 billion “things” by 2020. This will include 30 billion connected (autonomous) things. Connected ecosystem is the future! If we take the…

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The world of Travel Insurance Fraud

travel insurance fraud analytics

Travel insurance fraud is a soft target for fraudsters – claim processes do not match the level of verification/investigation found in other insurance product lines. It is a common occurrence, and incidence is rising each year. More travelers world over have submitted fraudulent claims to their travel insurers as they look to recoup the cost of…

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Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics


Insurance providers are under intense pressure to innovate to create more personalized experiences and customized offerings that meet their customers’ demands. Smart companies have turned to data analytics to meet these needs, yet too frequently find themselves buried in massive data sets that make their jobs more difficult than ever. To stay ahead of the…

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