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Reaching and Engaging Your Customers More Effectively on PM360

Taking a platform-based approach to business processes in the life sciences industry can deliver incredible results for biotech and pharma companies. Luke Stewart  recently wrote on this topic, revealing just a few things that become possible when using a modern clinical data analytics platform: “Pharma and biotech companies can understand the clinical and commercial journey of…

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Senior VP of Clinical Innovations Amit Gulwadi Writes Article for GEN

Amit Gulwadi  writes in his article for GEN: “The contemporary approaches in the industry offer an interesting paradox of access to plethora of data coupled with advanced analytical techniques. However, those datasets live in silos, often in non-analyzable-ready formats denying the end user the ability to leverage advances in analytical techniques to get deep insights and to…

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Saama SVP, Karim Damji, and Board Advisor, Dr. Rebecca Kush, write for Clinical Informatics News

“When one looks beyond these initial challenges, the very real—and not inconsequential—operational and commercial benefits that clinical data standards offer the life sciences industry become apparent. These opportunities can be leveraged to maximize business outcomes for pharma,  biotech, and academia in a number of areas, both in the short-term and long run.” Read Karim Damji …

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The Giddy Hope of New Technologies on PM360

Karim Damji, Saama’s Senior Vice President of Marketing is quoted: “Such state-of-the-art platforms are a gateway to a new era of clinical development, one in which structured and unstructured data is integrated, curated, and animated in unprecedented fashion for actionable business insights that safely and effectively speed the development of new drugs. Increased efficiencies and cost…

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Saama SVP for Marketing Karim Damji writes for PharmaExec.com

An essential defense strategy of the ancient times, moats have now transformed from a physical to a virtual form to suit today’s corporate castles. Karim Damji, Saama’s Senior Vice President of Marketing recently wrote on this very aspect of “Creating Defensible Data Analytics Moats for a Competitive Advantage” in his article for PharmaExec.com. Further in his…

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Saama’s SVP for Product Management & Marketing Karim Damji featured in ITPro Today

“Clinical trials are one important area to watch for coming developments in AI and medical advancements.” said Karim Damji, SVP of Product Management & Marketing at Saama Technologies. While speaking to ITPro Today for their article – “Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare: What’s Possible? What’s Next?”. He further elaborated on the importance of AI…

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