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Whitepaper: Analytics Elements to Establish Semantic Consistency in Data Lakes

data lake

Technical solutions that utilize data lakes solve the data access problem, but leave the crucial understanding of the issues to only a few advanced users and data scientists. The hidden signals that are mined when seemingly unrelated data elements are brought together need to be orchestrated so that the business can make intelligent, data-driven decisions.…

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Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ Data Sheet

Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ delivers scalable cloud-based and mobile ready advanced analytics solutions. Using a standards-based technology stack, it drives faster ROI and rapid time-to-market for modern analytics with flexibility and adaptability. Download Datasheet”>

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Inject Speed, Confidence & Accuracy to Guidewire Claims Data Analytics Transformation

Insurance industry organizations can reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction through better claims management. Before legacy claims transformation can start,however, leading edge data and analytics must be thought through and applied. Insurance organizations need to collaborate with the right strategic partner with a futuristic vision to provide next-generation business intelligence, using advanced data science. In…

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Maximize Social Media Effectiveness with Data Science

Social media campaigns can be used as an effective means to promote an insurer’s brand and increase customer engagement. A common challenge for insurance carriers is measuring the effectiveness and maximizing the ROI from such channels. In addition, insurers need to consider how best to integrate social media as part of a larger marketing campaign.…

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Saama GoogleAnalytics Connector for Informatica Powercenter – Download Datasheet

The Power Exchange Informatica Connector for Google Analytics is designed to integrate Google Analytics sources within Informatica PowerCenter installations. With the capabilities provided by the connector, user can extract data from Google Analytics through Informatica PowerCenter platform. [download file=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saama-GoogleAnalytics-Connector-DataSheet-for-Informatica-Powercenter.pdf” title=”Saama GoogleAnalytics Connector DataSheet for-Informatica Powercenter”]”>

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Saama Cognos TM1Connector for Informatica Powercenter – Download DataSheet

Saama Cognos TM1 Informatica connector basically extracts and loads the data from and to the particular TM1 cube/dimension. With the help of this connector user can read the data from a TM1 cube/dimension and perform the different operations on the data using Informatica transformations. [download file=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saama-Cognos-TM1Connector-DataSheet-for-Informatica-Powercenter.pdf” title=”Saama Cognos TM1Connector DataSheet for Informatica Powercenter”]”>

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How to Ingest Data into Google BigQuery

When a major retailer wanted to validate their hypothesis around micro level trends originating at store/SKU level amongst its customers, it became extremely challenging for the retailer to analyze terabytes of POS/Market basket data at such a granular level.  Saama was brought in to help with the challenges associated in managing large volumes of data.…

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Case study on Insurance Claims Analytics

Case study on Insurance Claims Analytics for a leading provider of Property and Casualty Insurance. [download file=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saama_Claims-Analytics_Case-Study.pdf” title=”Case Study on Claims Analytics for Insurance”]”>

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Solution overview on Insurance Fraud Detection

Overview of Saama’s claims fraud detection solution for insurance using Saama sixthSENSE and Big Data solutions. [download file=”wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saama_Claims-Fraud-Solution_Overview.pdf” title=”Saama Claims Fraud Solution for Insurance”]”>

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Moving towards a Data and Analytics Insurance company

Moving towards a Data and Analytics Insurance company. Document dedicated to Insurance industry which will help you understand more on: Who is a Data Scientist? Why do Insurance companies need Data Scientist? [download file=”/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Saama_-Data-Science-for-Insurance_Overview.pdf” title=”Moving towards a Data and Analytics Insurance company”]”>

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