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Article Blog June 9, 2020 4 minute read

Clinical Trial Analytics: The Big Picture

A merger. An update. A pandemic. Our company, and our industry, are moving towards a more comprehensive vision of clinical data analysis.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a slide we show to existing and future customers (see below). In a broad way, it explains the scope of what we offer today and our bold vision for tomorrow.

I came to Saama last summer as part of the Comprehend Systems acquisition. For the past year, all of us have worked hard to take the best capabilities of each company and bring them together in a single, larger ecosystem. The slide above shows how much we’ve been able to grow, and how, with our new LSAC v3.0 and a consistently future-focused attitude, we’ve been able to respond to different customer needs and market conditions with great agility.

When I show the slide to a client or prospect, I anticipate the “A-ha!” moment that inevitably happens when the person realizes they can address a broad array of critical business problems across many functional areas with a single platform, without having to cobble together different solutions from multiple vendors.

In this post, I want to walk you through the slide and get you thinking about the possibilities of having an end-to-end clinical data analysis and aggregation solution at your disposal.

A Smart Platform Lays the Groundwork for the Intelligent Application of Data

The foundation of Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud (LSAC) is a smart platform that brings all your disparate data sources—EDC, CTMS, ePRO, IxRS, eTMF, labs, multiomics, biomarkers, past trials, real-world evidence, financial, etc.—together into a unified model.

With all your data in the same place, you ensure security and quality, while gaining workflow efficiencies through automated alerts and task updates and AI-powered predictive analytics and search capabilities. Imagine a single source of truth across your entire business!

Modular Software Applications Bring Your Data to Life

With a platform that offers complete scalability and unlimited data capacity, teams throughout your pharma organization can benefit from a suite of packaged, ad hoc, and third-party applications across the drug development lifecycle. Whether you work in translational research, operations, finance, or a specific therapeutic area, you’ll find an easy way to access the data you need from the shared platform.

Traditional studies can benefit from Saama’s current Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, and Risk Based Monitoring offerings. Specialized studies, such as Master Trials, COVID-19 trials, and infectious disease trials, can benefit from purpose-built Command Centers that bridge the gap between precision medicine and clinical operations.

In addition to our own solutions, we offer integrated, third-party applications developed and enhanced through the integrated LSAC platform. Pharma companies will be able to select solutions from the app marketplace and use them to address business problems that require access to financial, regulatory, mutiomics, pharmacovigilance, safety, and other data sets.

Game Changers Further Transform the Way You Do Business

The final component of our comprehensive roadmap includes game changers that make Saama truly unique among clinical data analytics companies. Our AI-powered Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA) is already up and running in the operations space, offering study managers instant answers to thousands of questions without having to track down an expert.

We’re also working on technological capabilities that will reduce or eliminate manual work throughout your organization, enable the detection of anomalies that would normally fly under the radar, and predict and resolve problems much faster. Smart Data Query, for example, will enable data managers and investigators to stay focused on the most complex issues, while our intelligent system resolves many queries without human intervention. 

It’s Time to Think Big

As we continue to refine our existing applications, add new ones, and scale the game changers we’ve been piloting with individual clients, more pharma companies will have an opportunity to reduce risk and improve decision making by realizing more value from integrated clinical, operational, financial, and other unique data sources.

COVID-19 is an inflection point in the digital transformation of our industry. We need to move at warp speed, share information, optimize business processes, and deliver effective drugs and treatments in weeks and months—not years and decades.  With our integrated data platform, Saama is transforming the way you can bring new treatments to market. Are you ready to make the move?

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.