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Article Blog Life Sciences November 6, 2018 2 minute read

Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond Blog Series Concluding Post

In September, Saama initiated a novel blog series, Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond, which proudly showcased the experience and expertise of the six newest members of Saama’s Clinical Board of Advisors. These stellar professionals offered insightful commentary and informed predictions about the current and future role AI-enabled data analytics will play in the life science industry’s ongoing clinical development efforts.

Throughout the series, two common themes emerged from these industry thought leaders. The first was the ongoing transformation of the clinical trial process, due in great part to the unprecedented quantities of data available to researchers. The second was the need to strategically and intelligently leverage this data via state-of-the-art analytics solutions to make clinical trial participation easier than ever before for patients and physicians, and the entire clinical trial process more efficient and effective. Without exception, each of our authors painted an exciting picture of the future promise and potential for clinical development.

This impressive brain trust – reflecting over a century and a half of collective life sciences industry experience – continues to provide strategic input and advice to support the ongoing expansion of Saama’s footprint as a critical clinical trial partner to pharma and biotech. Saama takes great pride in the fact that these knowledgeable authorities complement the existing internal team of extremely qualified and talented Saama professionals, and reflect their dedication to helping advance the discovery and development of new therapies for the patients who need them.

Though the Clinical Trial Excellence for Tomorrow and Beyond blog series has concluded, Saama’s experts, including our Clinical Board of Advisors, will continue to lead by example. Over the next several months, Saama leadership will share their assessments and perspectives on important industry issues and timely topics. We invite you to check back regularly to examine their viewpoints, add your commentary, and continue a robust dialogue about the exciting future of the life sciences industry.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.