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ClinOps Insights

From study start-up through regulatory approval, ClinOps Insights is your primary portal for day-to-day operations. An intuitive interface enables ClinOps VPs, study managers, CRA managers, data managers, and other stakeholders to quickly find and analyze the data they need to take effective action.

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Customer Value Drivers

Portfolio-Level View
At-a-glance dashboard shows status and progress, so you can answer questions about risk areas and determine resource allocation and investment needs.
Enrollment Leakage Analysis
Our subject enrollment funnel highlights issues, so you can take corrective action that prevents delays and avoids cost overruns.
Site Performance
End-to-end visibility, prebuilt KPIs, and real-time data aggregation make it easy to identify at-risk sites and take appropriate action.
Root Cause Analysis
Complete data visibility makes it possible to separate causal factors from root causes, and prevent future problems from occurring.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.