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Article Blog General January 18, 2013 2 minute read

Considerations to Make Before Investing in Big Data in 2013

Industry Week recently published <>  a viewpoint I wrote entitled ‘Five things to consider before you make big data investments in 2013’. Due to the massive volumes of valuable unstructured data permeating the average organization on a daily basis, innovative IT executives are moving fast to leverage this untapped data for more meaningful business insights and enhanced decision-making capabilities. We know big data can deliver unprecedented insights into business. Both IDC and Gartner expect big data spending to accelerate in 2013 and beyond.   

Five Things to Consider 

The article identifies the following five things to consider when making big data investments and discusses each in greater detail.

  1. Big data will create new opportunities to understand and manage things differently because it promises to bring disruptive change across all industry segments and give the companies an unfair advantage.
  2. The synthesis of social media and in-house data creates a compelling picture.
  3. You don’t have to start with big data – in fact master data management is a good place to start to ensure you are working with clean data that is semantically coherent.
  4. The cloud will play an important role by allowing you to focus on the solution, not the purchase of specific technology such as SAP Hana or Hadoop.
  5. Data scientists are critical to the success of big data and hence are a precious resource.

The article goes on to give several examples of multiple big data initiatives, such as incorporating social media to get 360 degree customer feedback, improving competitive intelligence or identifying fraudulent activity such as grey market for your products, or false product returns against your product warranties.  


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