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CRO Oversight & Collaboration

Sponsors that use CROs for clinical research can make the most of the relationship with CRO Oversight & Collaboration, a ClinOps Insights add-on. This solution facilitates collaboration and puts everyone on the same data page.

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Customer Value Drivers

Automated Quality Agreements
Agreed-upon KPI thresholds allow sponsors and CROs to track results vs. expectations and collaborate more effectively.
Threshold Management
This predictive approach alerts users when KPIs exceed defined thresholds, so investigative analytics can be applied.
Site Risk Scoring
Scores for enrollment, productivity, compliance, and other metrics show how every site and CRO is performing.
Collaborative Task Management
Powerful tools create tasks and monitor progress in real time, resulting in stronger sponsor/CRO relationships.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.