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Article Blog Featured - Blog Insurance June 23, 2016 < 1 minute read

Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics

Insurance providers are under intense pressure to innovate to create more personalized experiences and customized offerings that meet their customers’ demands. Smart companies have turned to data analytics to meet these needs, yet too frequently find themselves buried in massive data sets that make their jobs more difficult than ever.

To stay ahead of the competition, companies like the Motorists Insurance Group have recognized the need for more granular data analysis.

Yet finding these insights typically involves accessing and analyzing customer data stored across disparate systems, with only small amounts of data accesible, a challenge that all too many insurance businesses today face. As a result, data insights are incomplete and out of date by the time analysis is finished.

No longer.

In partnership with Hortonworks Data Platform, Saama’s Fluid Analytics for Insurance enables insurance companies to quickly uncover and operationalize strategic data assets and deploy pre-integrated analytics solutions across their organization.

Motorist and Saama are proud to be only one of a few chosen Insurance Carriers/ Vendors to to speak at the Hadoop Conference on June 28-30, 2016.

Join Sanjeev Kumar, VP Insurance at Saama, and Alan Byers, Analytics Officer at Motorists Insurance Group, at Disrupting Insurance with Advanced Analytics – The Next Generation Carrier How Motorist Leapfrogged into the Future of Analytics and Data.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.