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Jun 17, 2019 Event

Webinar: Overcoming 5 Common Barriers to Harmonised Real World Data – June 17, 2019

Date: Monday, June 17, 2019 | 11am EDT


Advances in technology, from the massive storage and computing options now available through cloud computing to advances in algorithmic processing, have empowered organizations to consider secondary Real-World Data (RWD) sources as viable options for evidence generation across a wide spectrum of use cases. Within the last few years, the exploration and practical use of secondary data has grown exponentially and is now fuelling a new wave of digital disruption.

New insights never thought possible are now becoming achievable. The challenge presented with this new era of data use sees unprepared organizations spending massive amounts of resources on secondary data for specific one-off use cases, without thought to how those data may be harmonised across the organization, resulting in large-scale data silos throughout the enterprise. Data silos bring an inherent inefficiency and create roadblocks to achieving the desired success.

In this free webinar, learn about the most common barriers to harmonised RWD and ways to overcome them. Attendees will get insights on:

  • How duplicate data environments, redundant data subscriptions and siloed data access can hinder ROI for real-world evidence generation
  • Practical solutions for developing a collaborative data strategy
  • The benefits of using one centralised data technology platform for RWD

Join Bill Row, Divisional Principal, Real World Evidence Strategy and Analytics, ICON plc, Bruce Capobianco, Senior Director, Technology, Real World Evidence Strategy and Analytics, ICON plc, and Anand Dubey LinkedIn_Icon, Senior Business Solutions Architect, Saama Technologies, for this free webinar.

Register for the webinar here.