Karim Damji and Nekzad Shroff Quoted by PharmExec.com

In this article on PharmExec.com, Nekzad Shroff  LinkedIn_Icon and Karim Damji  LinkedIn_Icon discuss the necessary steps for the pharma industry to adopt modernized technologies and strategies.
Karim states in the article, “Pharma companies have been doing it the hard way for a very long time. The tools and technologies that are available to other industries have not been widely adopted by pharma, simply because of a fear of taking that legal risk associated with doing something novel,”
Nekzad asserts, “The adoption of RWE by pharma leaders is a different problem from developing the actual capabilities involved. Adoption requires a shift to an exploratory mindset. There needs to be a tolerance of ambiguity and imperfect data to be able to actually interpret and gain insights in spite of data gaps.”

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