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Article Blog December 10, 2019 2 minute read

For Better Outcomes, Add a Virtual Assistant to Your Clinical Trial Teams.

By Amit Gulwadi

Senior Vice President, Clinical Innovations, Saama Technologies

Artificial intelligence (AI) can facilitate the faster delivery of clinical data insights.

More people are using virtual assistants these days, like Alexa and Google Home, to get accurate information about the weather, travel updates, and even cooking directions. In a recent webinar I presented, 70 percent of attendees responding to a QuickPoll said they use virtual assistants in their daily lives. 

A New Paradigm for Clinical Trials

This new paradigm enables an application to give an intelligent response to a question, as if you were talking to an expert or a friend who has all the answers.

What if you could apply the same technology to your clinical trials? Imagine being able to ask your virtual assistant a question instantly, instead of waiting to track down a programming expert, medical monitor, or data manager.

The AI technology that powers data-driven virtual assistants is a compelling resource for clinical trial professionals, and it’s quickly moving clinical trials further away from the world of excel spreadsheets and even dashboards.

AI in Action: Meet DaLIA

Saama’s Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant, nicknamed DaLIA, can currently answer more than 3,000 questions commonly asked by clinical operations professionals, medical reviewers, data managers, and others. The more clinical teams use DaLIA, the better it gets.

The key to DaLIA’s success is that it’s focused exclusively on the study conduct domain of life sciences. Within this framework, the AI engine can understand the context of questions related to specific intents, or use cases, and entities, such as studies, sites, and patients, and present the appropriate data so the end user can make sense of it.

To see DaLIA in action, and learn more about how it works, watch the on-demand webinar now.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.