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ICH E6(R2) Goals Faster

Sponsors and CROs know they have to comply with ICH E6(R2) guidelines for taking a risk-based approach to clinical trials, but the vast majority don’t know how to align with the new directives.

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Comprehend has been talking about ICH E6(R2) since 2016, and we’ve compiled the most relevant content to help you achieve compliance faster.

We’re Here for You!

As a trusted technology partner, Comprehend has been helping sponsors and CROs reduce risk and improve the performance of clinical trials since 2010.

Our Clinical Intelligence Suite delivers the latest innovations in data science to help you unify your clinical data, identify and resolve issues faster, and dramatically improve your audit readiness.

Because our solutions align with ICH E6(R2) guidelines for good clinical practice, we can get you on the fast track to compliance.

Saama can put you on the fast track to clinical trial process innovation.