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Article Blog General July 25, 2011 < 1 minute read

Hidden Trends in BI – Part 2

Predictive Analytics for the masses seems like the next wave beyond the “BI for masses”.  Predictive Analytics / Data Mining as a technology has been available to main stream commercial organizations for several years now, but it has still been the tool of a small team of Data Specialists, statisticians etc locked away in some corner of the enterprise.  These folks have the job of analysing huge amounts of data using compute brute force to predict the future.  This team uses very sophisticated software and mathematical algorithms and tries many different models, and data massaging techniques to come up with its final set of models.

AlI of this I believe remains unchanged for now, but what I believe is changing is how these models are being made available to the front line business teams to tryout different scenarios in a self-service capacity.  Many of the tools today are starting to provide a way to integrate these predictive models and present these as additional capabilities for an analyst to utilize in their discovery process.  Predictive modeling has gained a lot of popularity in the marketplace over the last several years, but making these models available to this much bigger user base i.e the front line teams is going to significantly accelarate the further adoption and use of this technology.

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