Real World Analytics

Saama’s Real World Analytics accelerates business outcomes to Life Sciences companies from their Real World Evidence (RWE) programs. Geographically disparate, longitudinal patient data is standardized, aggregated and prepared for generating predictive insights. Accelerators for treatment pathways, cohort analysis and population characteristics allow the RWE programs derive faster outcomes at lower costs.

Saama’s Real World Analytics is now available on Microsoft Azure!

Accelerate the ROI of Your Real World Evidence Initiatives

Saama Real World Analytics brings together a mix of medical, data science, and technology skills to drive solutions into the petabytes of data accumulating within enterprises. Saama’s blend of skills and tested applications can catapult organizations through years worth of design and development within weeks, driving a near instant return on investment. Utilizing Saama’s unique analytics assets and health data science expertise, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare providers are able to drive meaningful benefits across a number of areas.

With a specialization in mining electronic medical/health records, the Saama Real World Analytics provides intelligent insights to numerous roles within healthcare and life science. Healthcare providers can uncover information related to poor performance based upon benchmarks and pharmaceutical organizations can obtain insight into outcomes benchmarks within the Real World.

Saama’s core Health data science group focuses on leveraging Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ for computer intensive algorithm development, translating billions of records into specific insights with user-friendly visualizations.


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Microsoft’s Approach: Flexibility of the Cloud

Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables you to quickly build, deploy, scale, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft data centers. You can build applications using multiple languages, tools, and frameworks.

Microsoft Azure:

  • Provides a rich set of application services and let’s you build using any language, tool, or framework
  • Is always on delivering a 99.95% monthly SLA
  • Delivers hybrid solutions so you can manage your hybrid applications from a single console with Microsoft System Center
  • Has global reach with data centers around the globe

Treatment Pathway Analytics

Assists organizations with defining Real World treatment patterns based upon information from routinely collected health records. Understanding average Days on Therapy and treatment switches enables organizations to prepare clinical development plans and understand the Real areas of opportunity.

Safety Signal Searching and Guided Analytics

Harnessing methodologies and systems developed in partnership with the FDA, Saama drives cohort studies through a guided analytics interface, allowing researchers and physicians to understand signals related to adverse events across millions of patients.

Clinical Trial Feasibility and Population Monitoring

Uses Real World patient records to develop an understanding of disease burden and complexity and how clinical trial exclusions could add to the reduction in potential patient recruitments. Using Saama Clinical Trial Feasibility suite, organizations can proactively identify patients for clinical trial recruitment and also test their recruitment rates for various exclusion criteria scenarios.

Disease History and Forecasting

Uses longitudinal patient records to define incidence/prevalence rates of any recorded disease and forecasting for sub-population trends. The use of these data mining techniques have guided clinical development plans for rare disease trial recruitment, enabling a focus on specific patient groups ultimately accelerating regulatory evidence generation.

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