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Our Investors

Saama is grateful to the firms below--including several healthcare-focused venture funds from top pharma companies--for believing in our vision of accelerating clinical trials through analytics, automation, and AI.

The Carlyle Group

Carlyle is one of the world’s largest and most diversified global investment firms, with $276 billion of assets under management across 3 business segments and 415 investment vehicles. The firm’s mission is to drive long-term value for investors, companies, shareholders, people, communities, and employees.

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Merck Global Health Innovation Fund (GHI)

Merck GHI has $500M under management and provides growth capital to emerging healthcare technology companies worldwide. With a vision that data will be the currency in healthcare, Merck GHI invests in platform companies with proven technologies or business models, where Merck’s expertise and perspectives can accelerate revenue growth and enhance value creation.

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Pfizer Ventures

The venture capital arm of Pfizer Inc. was founded in 2004 and invests for return in areas of current or future strategic interest to Pfizer. The firm seeks to remain at the forefront of life sciences advances by identifying and investing in emerging companies that are developing transformative medicines and technologies.

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Amgen Ventures

Since 2004, Amgen Ventures has invested in emerging companies to advance medicines and technologies that support Amgen’s mission to treat patients with serious illnesses.

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McKesson Ventures

McKesson Ventures helps entrepreneurs in the healthcare technology and services space build and scale businesses that tackle some of the toughest challenges in healthcare. The firm looks for partnerships with visionary leaders who have bold ideas.

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Intermountain Ventures

Intermountain Ventures invests in companies that are fundamentally transforming healthcare by improving quality, safety, and accessibility.

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Northpond Ventures

Northpond Ventures builds and supports breakthrough science- and technology-driven businesses to create a marked impact on humanity.

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Population Health Partners

Population Health Partners focuses on innovative therapeutics with the potential to transform health outcomes. The firm brings together investment capital with industry-leading capabilities and technology, delivering unprecedented product development efficiency and disruptive business models.

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Perceptive Advisors

Perceptive Advisors focuses on supporting progress in the life sciences industry, by identifying opportunities and directing financial resources toward the most promising technologies in modern healthcare.

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Carrick provides capital, along with operational and investment expertise, to help entrepreneurs and their companies succeed. The firm identifies transformational industry sectors and selects companies that can best capitalize on market opportunities.

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Terms & Conditions

By inquiring about Saama’s Database Lock in a Day, you agree to be contacted by Saama and to allow Saama to use, maintain, store, and protect your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

Eligibility details are for informational purposes only. Saama, in its sole discretion, will determine your eligibility based on the information you disclose as part of the intake process. If Saama determines that you are eligible to participate, you will be notified by separate email. Eligibility depends on certain criteria, such as the size of your company, the types of clinical trials you sponsor, and the number of patients in–and stages of–your current clinical trials.

By completing the request form, you represent that you have authority to proceed on behalf of your company. Should you agree to participate, you agree to reasonably cooperate with Saama in following the guidelines and procedures required for integrating, standardizing, and analyzing your data. Participation requires the use of our Smart Data Quality application, a technology-agnostic AI engine that sits on top of your current infrastructure. The application can be used immediately, and you’re only charged for the services you use based on a predetermined estimate.

Information you share with Saama during your participation may be anonymized and/or aggregated, and made available publicly in Saama marketing materials. This information may include: types of systems and processes involved, types of departments involved, and size and regional location of your company. Such information will never be directly associated with you, nor will you or your company be identifiable without express written permission.