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Article Blog Featured - Blog General June 26, 2015 2 minute read

Ken Coleman, Saama Chairman, Addresses Management Students at SCIT, Pune

Ken Coleman, Saama Board Chairman, addressed more than 200 students and faculty members at the Symbiosis Centre of Information Technology (SCIT) in Pune, India. Dr. Dhanya Pramod, Director of SCIT, was also present at the guest lecture. The audience was comprised of first year MBA students specializing in IT. We would like to thank SCIT for extending a warm welcome to us and hosting this event. SCIT is a premier IT Business School nurturing genuine IT talent. The institute supports their transformation with innovative teaching methodology, state-of-the-art computer labs, a platform for peer learning and opportunities to learn management in real time.

Ken Coleman,Saama Board Chairman, Management students, SCIT, Pune
Ken Coleman, Saama Board Chairman addresses management students of SCIT, Pune

The session delivered by Ken Coleman emphasized three important technological developments. He started the talk by briefing the audience about his background and journey to Silicon Valley.  Through his 42 years of experience in the industry, he’s been a part of some fundamental changes in the ever-changing Silicon Valley.  He spoke about the dynamic nature of the market and advances in the technology sector, like the transition from mainframe all the way to the internet in hand-held devices. The second development is the evolution of the e-commerce industry on the internet platform. He also spoke about the growth and importance of analytics in the IT space and the need for enhanced security and privacy.

Vasant Shetty, VP- Head of India Operations, SCIT, Pune
Vasant Shetty, Vice President, Corporate Strategic Transformation and Execution, during the Q & A session

Ken conveyed his strong belief that data science and analytics are the wave of the future and that Saama has many years of experience in this field. Further, he gave insight to the students about the journey of Saama and what it has to offer students in terms of career growth.  Saama’s unique and rigorous four month training program covering data science, analytics and related tools was highlighted.

In conclusion, Ken said “Learning is an ongoing process and the emphasis should be on maximizing opportunities that come your way, rather than chasing financial gains”. Some additional important takeaways from the session included working out joint programs with SCIT on social initiatives and research areas.



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