Life Science Analytics Cloud

Life Science Analytics Cloud is the leading AI-powered clinical analytics platform that seamlessly integrates, curates, and animates your data, delivering more actionable insights.

  • Patient Registries
  • EDC
  • CTMS
  • Claims
  • eTMF
  • Safety
  • Financial
  • Resource Mgmt.
  • Trial Registry
  • Site Registry
  • Site Performance
  • Trial Performance
  • Operations
  • Physician
  • Patient
  • Investigation
  • Lab
  • Documents
  • Biomarker
  • Budget
  • Supply Chain

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Governance, Curation, Harmonization, Orchestration, Unified Data Model, Metrics

Introduction to Saama Life Science Analytics Cloud


AI-Powered Solutions

  • Focused use of AI
  • Advanced analytics
  • Safe and effective therapies

Holistic View of Critical Enterprise Data

  • Ubiquitous access to data
  • Solutions tailored to your business
  • Insightful decision making

Graphical Data Orchestration

  • Effortless configuration
  • Data integration abstraction
  • Save 26 weeks of study implementation time

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Address Stubborn Drug Development Challenges

Saama employs the focused use of AI throughout the LSAC platform to overcome obstacles historically associated with clinical development

  • LSAC’s Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA) capability revolutionizes how you interact with and gain insights from your data through an easy-to-use, context as well as domain-aware conversational experience.
  • DaLIA puts you in touch with deep learning, machine learning-augmented functions within LSAC designed to alleviate the challenges inherent in and pervasive throughout the drug development continuum.

LSAC Provides Better Study Conduct Insights

Managing clinical studies is difficult. What if you could make better decisions, ultimately bringing viable, safer products to market faster?

LSAC Provides Study Planning Insights

Better planning leads to better studies. What if you could avoid costly mistakes that would impair patient enrollment and proper site identification?

LSAC Provides Real World and Commercial Insights

Would you like to know what market share the treatment commands and how long patients stay on your drug or how effective is it?

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