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News June 4, 2019

Leveraging Patient-Centric Data Analytics to Accelerate Clinical Trials

Director of Marketing Programs, Crystal Black, detailed the significant applications of AI-fueled data analytics in the life sciences industry in this fascinating article on PharmaVoice. 

“A qualified data analytics partner brings a variety of benefits to the table that enable sponsors to overcome these and other obstacles to leverage AI solutions that accelerate clinical trials. Unified, AI-enabled clinical data analytics platforms seamlessly integrate, curate, and animate unlimited sources of structured, unstructured and real-world data to deliver more actionable insights across a variety of therapeutic areas. Such platforms provide unprecedented control of an organization’s data, and dramatically decrease the cost and time of drug development.

“Sponsors can realize previously unattainable, enterprise-level views of the raw data across their disparate business silos, unleashing insights that provide the power to see around corners for confident business decisions that yield better business outcomes.”

Read the full article here.

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