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News September 14, 2015

Saama Announces Patient Experience QuickStart, powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

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Saama Announces Patient Experience QuickStart, powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

Saama Patient Experience QuickStart extends the  power of the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform to help healthcare organizations hear, understand and act upon patient experiences in a holistic way, allowing them to dramatically improve their top and bottom lines while addressing quality of care, from any device 

Wave Analytics is ​the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user, making it easier than ever for anyone to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device

See Saama Patient Experience QuickStart in action at Dreamforce 2015, the largest software conference on Earth

San Francisco – Sept. 14, 2015 – Saama today announced the pilot of Saama Patient Experience QuickStart, a solution powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform. Today’s “consumerization” of healthcare allows providers and executives to pay close attention to what patients feel and think about hospital organizations and services. The patient experience — as measured by mandated surveys — is also directly responsible for 30% of Medicare reimbursement revenue, the result of Medicare’s Value-based Purchasing program. Going forward, the success of healthcare organizations will heavily depend on internalizing patient experience and sentiment into everyday decision-making, just as is happening for nearly every other industry including retail, banking, insurance, finance and technology.

Saama Patient Experience Quickstart is built on the Wave Analytics Platform, which brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a high-speed query processing engine, making it possible for healthcare executives to analyze all relevant patient sentiment and data sets together along with key hospital objective metrics and government data. These “narrative data assets” provide new perspectives and complete patient story lines never before available to the healthcare industry. With interactive and customizable dashboards, users can explore new insights that can have a huge impact on the decisions that healthcare executives have to make today. Saama Patient Experience QuickStart unlocks key insights for any healthcare organization, providing:


  • A holistic view of patient care and valuable insights about patients generated in near real-time for Operations, Quality, Patient Experience Officers and Marketing to act upon with specific intervention programs.
  • A competitive edge to hospitals invested in improving their patient experience.

Comments on the News

  • “The Saama Patient Experience QuickStart running on the Salesforce Wave Analytics platform provides unprecedented insights into patients’ hospital experience,” says Chris LaBruna, Chief Revenue Officer at Saama. “Improving a hospital’s HCAHPS scores allows for faster and greater reimbursements to hospitals from Medicare programs. The utilization of Saama Fluid Analytics Engine powered by the Wave Analytics Platform makes this achievement a reality.
  • The Wave Analytics ​Platform allows every business user to explore and share data, uncover new insights and take action ​instantly ​from anywhere,​” said Stephanie Buscemi, COO, Analytics Cloud, Salesforce. ​”Saama is among the first Industry Solution Providers to extend the Wave Platform and deliver analytics solutions​, which will enable companies to make every business process and customer interaction more data-driven and move their business forward faster.”

Saama and Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform Transform Data into Business Insight

Saama is the fast growing Big Data Solutions company that has earned the trust of a highly desirable Global 2000 customer base as a unique pure-play analytics solutions and services provider that delivers true business outcomes – fast. The company has built upon an immense depth of know-how throughout the IT stack and domain knowledge, from utilizing cloud resources to making the most of open-source options such as Hadoop, deep data science and visualization alternatives. Based on our deep vertical immersion and many innovative customer projects, we have developed a suite of Ready Analytics solutions across a set of verticals that can accelerate a company’s business with complex solutions that are up and running within weeks. Our fast delivery capabilities are based on our Saama Fluid Analytics Engine™ (FAE) technology, some of the main use cases currently include trade promotion optimization, churn, patient experience, fraud, service, clinical operations and customer buying patterns.

Come See Saama Patient Experience QuickStart in Action this Week at Dreamforce 2015, the Largest Software Conference on Earth

Saama will demonstrate the pilot Patient Experience QuickStart in their booth at Dreamforce 2015. They will demo the following scenarios:

  • Social Health: An analysis of a hospital’s patient sentiment, across social media.
  • Content Management System Analysis: A comparison of an organization’s HCAHPS scores to government CMS data, which serves as benchmark. This allows clients to compare individual hospital progress on patient care to that of other providers.

Dreamforce is a global event taking place September 15-18 in San Francisco, with more than 150,000 attendees from around the world expected to register to attend and experience four high-energy days of innovation, education, fun and giving back.

Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform Extends Power of Analytics for Every Business Need

Wave Analytics​ is​ the first cloud analytics platform designed for every business user to explore data, uncover new insights and take action instantly from any device. Wave Analytics brings together a dynamic user experience, indexed search and a high-speed query processing engine into a single, ​vertically-integrated cloud analytics platform.​ Built from the ground up to be open, Wave Analytics makes it easy to​ build ​and deploy analytics solutions faster than ever and extend the power of ​data-driven insights ​to every business need​.​ Its schema-free architecture empowers business users—not just analysts or data scientists—to instantly query entire data sets or build customizable dashboards, lenses and charts to intuitively explore data.

Optimized for both mobile phones and tablets, Wave Analytics’ responsive, free-form navigation empowers users to quickly analyze patterns​ and ​discover new trends ​from anywhere. ​And because Wave Analytics is built on Salesforce’s trusted, multi-tenant, open architecture​, Wave analytics solutions are deeply connected to business​ processes and workflows​, enabling​ business users to act on insights instantly to keep their business moving forward.

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About Saama:

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Saama is a leading data science solutions and services company delivering Big Data solutions to Global 2000 clients. Our Fluid Analytics EngineTM maximizes existing customer infrastructure, allowing us to focus on the white space between existing capabilities and the critical business questions that need to be answered. We are unique in our ability to combine our Fluid Analytics Engine with our vertical expertise to drive the rapid adoption of advanced analytics into company-specific business processes in a matter of weeks. We give our clients competitive advantage by strategically using internal and external data assets to grow revenue, improve operating efficiencies and delight customers in new ways. Clients include Actelion, Brocade, Broadcom, Cisco, CSAA Insurance, Delta Dental, Dignity Health, GoPro, IBM, Motorists Mutual, PayPal and Unilever.



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