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News June 1, 2011

Sypherlink and Zuercher Technologies Form Partnership to Bridge FBI Initiatives

DUBLIN, Ohio, June 1, 2011 – Sypherlink, Inc., a leading data integration software and NIEM conformance provider, today announced that it has formalized a partnership with Zuercher Technologies, LLC as part of the NIEM Saves Lives collaboration. The NIEM Saves Lives collaboration focuses on accelerating standards-based nationwide information sharing by raising awareness of programs such as N-DEx. The group builds industry knowledge and identifies its challenges while working together to build solutions to overcome them.

The Sypherlink-Zuercher Technologies partnership is focused on providing state-level law enforcement agencies with an end-to-end solution addressing both criminal justice information sharing through the National Data Exchange (N-DEx) program and crime reporting through the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS).

Law enforcement agencies have been sharing information with the FBI for years through the NIBRS crime statistic reporting program. More recently, that need has evolved to sharing more detailed criminal justice information through N-DEx. The goal of the partnership is to create a single platform that bridges the two requirements for states and their law enforcement constituents.

“Zuercher Technologies has had tremendous success with our NIBRS Suite solution and Sypherlink has been a known leader in the National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) and N-DEx technology, but the market is evolving quickly and states need more than point solutions,” said Michael Zuercher, President and CEO of Zuercher Technologies.

“The foundation of both Sypherlink and Zuercher Technologies’ solutions are well accepted criminal justice data models,” Zuercher explained. “The partnership allows users to make use of these models to create a central data repository that can aggregate law enforcement data, collect customizable NIBRS data for statistical reporting, provide web-based front ends to allow participants to search and manually enter data if required, and ultimately feed both of the FBI’s national systems.”

Because data sharing and crime reporting duties often span multiple organizations, the two solutions can be configured to align with agency responsibilities. They can be deployed at a single location or can operate independently at two separate sites without compromising the integration between the systems and the benefits of a single solution.

“The Sypherlink-Zuercher Technologies partnership provides great value to states by improving their ability to meet crime reporting and information sharing objectives,” said James Paat, CEO of Sypherlink. “By creating a single platform that facilitates all data sharing requirements of the FBI, states benefit through reduced cost of managing multiple platforms, increased time-to-value for obtaining critical insight and information, and faster adoption.”

About Sypherlink, Inc.

Sypherlink is a data-integration-software and NIEM conformance provider that intelligently links critical information across disparate data sources. The company’s products and solutions are based upon its core, patented heuristics-matching technology for automating the data discovery and mapping process. Sypherlink’s National Information Exchange (NIE) Gateway solution combines this unique technology with pre-built interfaces to rich information sources, and conformance to the national information exchange model (NIEM) to minimize the time and effort for law enforcement and public safety agencies to become NIEM conformant. The company’s client/partner base includes global 1,000 organizations, government agencies, and leading systems integrators and application/tool providers. Sypherlink is a member of the IJIS Institute. Sypherlink is a Saama Technologies company.

About Zuercher Technologies, LLC

Zuercher Technologies, LLC provides best of breed public safety software solutions to agencies across the U.S. under its flagship product, ledsSuite©, encompassing Computer-Aided Dispatch, Mapping, Criminal Investigations, Crime Analysis, Jail, Civil, Financial, Records, Public Administration, and Mobile CAD and Records. Founded in 2003, Zuercher Technologies is based in Sioux Falls, SD. Information about Zuercher Technologies’ products and services can be found at

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