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Applied Clinical Trials October 4, 2019

The Critical Importance of Real-Time Access to Clinical Study Performance

Saama Technologies Clinical Advisor, Jonathan Zung, PhD, wrote an article for Applied Clinical Trials regarding the importance of clinical trial sponsors having real-time access to shared data.

“To paraphrase the 16thcentury English poet John Donne, in today’s global life sciences arena no company is an island. Clinical trial sponsors rely on contract research organizations (CROs), clinical service organizations (CSOs) and technology providers to augment their capabilities in the conduct of clinical trials—and in some cases for total study conduct. Indeed, CRO-conducted clinical research increased 40% from 2008-2014, and by 2022 is projected to top $45 billion per year.1 Conversely, the raison d’etre of these organizations is to service the biopharma community. As a result, in this unique, dynamic 21stcentury clinical development ecosystem, all organizations supporting or involved in the conduct of clinical trials must be able to share data and provide study updates in real time. These study updates are critical so clinical operations teams can, in real time, see how trial enrollment is progressing, understand where areas of risk or concern exist, and be empowered to take immediate corrective action.”

Read the full article here.

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