A NASA Mindset Can Help End the Pandemic

Failure Is Not an Option

The coronavirus pandemic forced the life sciences industry to ramp up drug research in unprecedented ways, but the rush has resulted in some haphazard, poorly designed, and costly COVID-19 clinical trials.

In this opinion piece for STAT, Saama Founder and CEO Suresh Katta argues for a coordinated effort among pharma companies and technology providers, like the one used to launch the U.S. space program in the late 1950s.

“NASA not only brought together the best and brightest minds from academia, industry, and government,” Katta writes, “but it also focused the required infrastructure and resources on the audacious goal of landing the first human on the moon.”

The NASA example shows what can be done when engaged experts come together. For pharma, this could mean the creation of a next-level clinical neural network that could accelerate drug discovery and development for COVID-19 and every other disease and condition.