Leveraging Remote Monitoring to Increase Safety, Results and Efficiencies During the Pandemic and Beyond

The Remote Monitoring Revolution Is Here to Stay

COVID-19 has focused worldwide attention on clinical trials and the urgent need for the rapid development of safe and effective therapeutics and vaccines.

The life sciences industry stepped up in impressive ways. For example, more sponsors and CROs are leveraging data-driven technology solutions—like remote monitoring—to maintain traditional trials and accelerate new drug development.

In this PharmaVOICE article, Saama’s VP, Head of Marketing, Gregory T. Simpson discusses the “remarkable ability and agility that has been demonstrated by biopharma in pursuit of COVID-19 treatments and cures,” how the pandemic acted as a catalyst for remote monitoring adoption, and how the benefits of remote monitoring will “continue to be realized as it drives clinical trial efficiency and safety, now and into the future.”

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