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Real-World Evidence, Accelerated

Biopharmaceutical, medical device and diagnostic companies are seeking comprehensive RWE technology solutions that can support an array of RWE applications across the enterprise.

Saama's partnership with ICON provide an unparalleled opportunity to bring together the most meaningful RWD, from claims data to physician notes to wearable device data and beyond. By first standardizing and then linking the collected data, one is able to create RWE capable of addressing specific questions asked at the beginning of a research study or asked by regulatory and market access stakeholders.

Real-World Evidence drives mission-critical decisions for:

Medical Affairs

• Reimbursement

• Commercialization Functions

Webinar: Effective Ingestion and Normalization of Real-World Data Sources

Listen to Bill Row, ICON, Bruce Capobianco, ICON, and Anand Dubey, Saama, in this free webinar to learn how ingesting and normalizing a variety of RWD sources is paramount to produce powerful RWE.

Press Release: Saama Technologies and ICON Commercialization and Outcomes Partner to Unlock The Value of Real World Evidence (RWE)

Learn how Saama and ICON's partnership accelerates the use of Real World Evidence (RWE) across the product lifecycle.