Saama and Salesforce

Saama Patient Experience Quickstart on Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

Saama Announces Patient Experience QuickStart, powered by the Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform

Ready Analytics on Wave Analytics

Saama Patient Experience (PE) Quickstart is the first of many industry solutions by Saama available on Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform. It brings real-time patient sentiment and relevant data sets, including government data, together with objective healthcare provider metrics to uncover insights into patient experience and patient story lines in new and innovative ways.

Notable features of Saama PE Quickstart include:

  • Social Health: An analysis of a hospital’s patient sentiment, across social media.
  • CMS Analysis: A comparison of an organization’s HCAHPS scores to government CMS data, to allow customers to compare individual hospital patient care score with that of other providers.

What is Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform?


Salesforce Wave Analytics Platform is an innovative platform that delivers visual analytics that help inform your most complex business decisions. With a colorful and intuitive user interface, Wave Analytics Platform offers:

  • Dynamic visualization engine
  • High speed search-based query index
  • Massively parallel infrastructure
  • 100% vertical integration