Streamlining Clinical Trials
with AI

Pre- and Post-Approval Global Portfolio Analysis

A clinical trial involves a set of complex processes, which include writing the protocol, recruiting patients, conducting the study, and culminating in bringing the drug to market. There are many stakeholders involved, in different capacities, to carry out these processes, ensure adherence to regulations, and keep the trial on track.

  • Clinical Study Spend
    • The most critical aspect of a clinical trial
    • Almost 80% of clinical trials go over budget
  • Clinical Study Timelines
    •  often treated as the norm rather than an anomaly
    • Contributing factors include delays and challenges in patient recruitment, site selection, and investigator analysis
    • Directly impacts cost
  • Clinical Study Quality
    • Requires constant monitoring of all protocols
    • Quality of the study in the pre-approval phase reflects during the post-approval study


With the LSAC platform’s ability to access data from across silos in various study phases and present it in an easily accessible format, trial managers can manage their role with much higher efficiency than ever before.  

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