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Product Update

Product Release - Clinical Data Hub 2.0

Clinical Data Hub 2.0 

Clinical Data Hub (CDH) 2.0 is a production version release of the data pipeline of patient and operations data. This release delivers a self-serve UX for patient and operations data ingestion, quality checks, transformation and extraction.

CDH and the global, study, and metadata management modules can be accessed in LSAC 4.0 for select administrative users.

What’s New for CDH 2.0:

Global Setup and Security Control:

  • Self Serve UX for configuration of source system, Study onboarding and Data Quality Rule setup
  • Self Serve UX for reference data upload
  • Study level access control

Data Ingestion and Cleaning:

  • Out-of-box adapters for Medidata Rave, IBM CD and Medrio
  • Out-of-box adapters for delimited text file, sas7bdat and xpt format data ingestion
  • Ability to process blinded and real data in patient pipeline
  • Data Quality Dashboard
  • Approval workflow for metadata and maps

Transformation and Traceability:

  • Transformation UX for Patient data transformation
  • Approval workflow for transformation rules (map)
  • Ability to perform transformation on operation data to USDM model
  • Traceability report

Data provision and Notification:

  • Data browser or view of Patient data at each layer
  • API to extract patient data from any layers
  • Self Serve UX for Job management
  • Notification on job failure, metadata update, approval request

CDH Pipeline

Use Smart Applications (SAM, SDQ, and SPACE) to quickly transform patient and operational data for use in LSAC Packaged Apps (Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, RBQM & KPI Studio)

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