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Product Update

Product Release - Clinical Data Hub 3.0

Clinical Data Hub 3.0 

Clinical Data Hub (CDH) 3.0 is a production version release of the data pipeline of patient and operations data. New features for this release center around custom KPI processing and support for custom KPI transformations.

CDH 3.0 also brings updates to Global Setup and improvements to Data Mapping processes.

What’s New for CDH 3.0:

New Features

  • Enable custom KPI processing and support for custom KPI transformations
  • Added Data Browser capability for Operations Data.
  • Enabled Biostatistics data pulls via Rave API for the dataset where coding is performed.

Improvements to Global Setup

  • Cross schema mapping enabled for the CDM and USDM layer.
  • Enable Study wise job submission for CDM and USDM layer.
  • Enable Import/export the custom function on the Global admin-Transformation.

Improvements to Data Ingestion and Cleaning

  • Support of Excel, Parquet, ORC and Avro file format processing.
  • Support Metadata changes for the operations pipeline data flow.

CDH Pipeline

Use Smart Applications (SAM, SDQ, and SPACE) to quickly transform patient and operational data for use in LSAC Packaged Apps (Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, RBQM & KPI Studio)

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