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Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.5

LSAC 3.5 Improves Patient Safety Analytics & High-Priority Operational Reports

We are excited to announce the next release of Saama’s Life Science Analytics Cloud. We’ll detail new features and enhancements to Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, and DaLIA.

Clinical Insights

Analytics that complement our popular Graphical Patient Profiles and improvements to GPP itself make LSAC 3.5 one of the most impactful Saama releases to date for medical and safety monitors.

What’s New for Clinical Insights in LSAC 3.5: 

  • The Subject Event Log dashboard captures key observations – like dosing, AE details and CMs – recorded through clinical visits for a specific subject over time.
  • The Subject Progression dashboard charts the sequence of events such as disposition changes, dosing information, any AE/CM events in a browsable ‘patient story’ format
    • Subject Progression is very useful for deciding which Graphical Patient Profile to Investigate
  • The AE Reporting Delay dashboard captures discrepancies and delay between the occurrence and reporting of adverse event for multiple subjects at a specific active site.
  • The Lab Spaghetti Plot – Absolute Value dashboard charts lab values for lab tests for multiple subjects across sites, and visits. This allows medical and safety monitors to filter out outliers and noise and hone in on meaningful safety signals.
  • The Lab Spaghetti Plot – Baseline Deviation dashboard – examines the deviation of patient lab test results from the baseline (and is visually and functionally very similar to the Absolute Value Spaghetti Plot).
  • The Adverse Events – Toxicity Profile dashboard provides counts of every unique adverse event across treatment arms,
  • The GPP dashboard has greatly improved performance (swim lanes individually as opposed to all at once) and has been enhanced to give additional details on
    • Demographic summary
    • Subject’s exposure to dosing
    • Lab results
    • Sequence of AE’s and CM’s over a period of time

Operations Insights 

With this release, we have focused on specific, high-priority analytics which improve your ability to get to the insights you need quickly and with minimum fuss

What’s New for Operations Insights in LSAC 3.5:

  • An improved Safety Summary Dashboard, so you can directly perform site level analysis of adverse event trends
  • The Site Activation Dashboard now tracks milestone cycle times across countries for startup and study conduct
  • A new report which shows you the time of the latest data refresh from various source systems
  • A significant visual makeover for the Portfolio Summary Dashboard, which now
    • Reports treatment arm and cohort level insights
    • Groups studies by various categories such as TA or Study phase
  • The Site Summary dashboard now reports site performance against the country average, and also sports improvements to view configurability and ease of use (you can drag and drop column headers to more quickly compare results among different sites).
  • Finally, 8 dashboards now have the Export to PDF feature enabled (snapshotting) so that you can directly port graphics into presentations.

Smart Search Powered by DaLIA

LSAC Smart Search is powered by Saama’s proprietary Deep Learning Intelligent Assistant (DaLIA). DaLIA’s been training hard since she was introduced almost a year ago (and she doesn’t want to be outmatched by her cousin Smart Data Quality), so we encourage you to ask her some trial-related questions to see what she’s made of.

What’s New for DaLIA in LSAC 3.5:

Dalia is trained on 15 new and more precise timeframe-based intents, including:

  • Site activation, subject disposition, visits, lab results, site issue management, and site milestones

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