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Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.6

LSAC 3.6 Improves Task Management Across all LSAC Applications

Fresh on the heels of the impactful LSAC 3.5 release, LSAC 3.6 delivers improvements that make task management in Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, and RBQM more configurable at an organizational level.

Task Management

Track, prioritize, and delegate tasks across LSAC applications (Operations Insights, Clinical Insights, KPI Studio, and RBQM) in LSAC itself with the task management module.

What’s New for Task Management in LSAC 3.6: 

LSAC tasks will now be configurable through a template where your account administrator will have the flexibility to request additional fields in the Task Details section. These fields will appear when an LSAC user creates any task in a specific analytics context.
There will be three types of Task attributes:
  • Core Attributes: Mandatory fields like task type, description, status, assignee, etc.
  • Extended Attributes: Custom standalone fields to be added to the task panel, it will support text or date format inputs.
  • Clinical Attributes: Fields from the database such as Study, Country, Site, Subject, Form etc.

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