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Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.7

LSAC 3.7 Improves Ops & Clinical Dashboards, Expands USDM and Enhances UX

The largest expansion to LSAC in some months, LSAC 3.7 delivers major improvements to popular Operational Dashboards, expands USDM for oncology datasets, and brings incremental improvements to UX and a single Clinical Insights dashboard. Want updates in video form? Watch the 3.7 updates here.

Operations Insights

Timely, targeted analytics in Operations Insights enable executives, study managers, and CRAs to monitor and optimize key operational metrics across a portfolio of clinical studies.

What’s New for Operations Insights in LSAC 3.7: 

Site Summary Dashboard: Addition of new KPI: Site Start-up Time

  • Understand the time taken to get a site activated
  • View planned vs. actual activation times for sites; compare site activation to mean times studies and countries.

Enrollment Dashboard – Study: Widget Enrollment Funnel

New subject disposition events added:

  • Treatment Initiated
  • Treatment not Initiated
  • Discontinued before Treatment
  • Discontinued after Treatment
  • Follow up Agreed
  • Follow up not agreed
  • Withdrawal of consent
  • Screened*

Quality Measures Dashboard – Study Enhancement

  • Ability to filter PDs by ‘Major’ and/or ‘Minor’ categories at the study level
  • Ability to get insights into protocol deviations against subject enrollment numbers and site activations count

Site Activation Dashboard – Study Enhancement

Widget – Site Activation Over Time

  • Users will be able to look at site activation & enrollment metrics together
  • Determine if enrollment is increasing/decreasing because of newly activated sites activated OR if older sites are contributing to enrollment

Widget – Study Site Progress Status: View by Startup Funnel (New)

  • Addition of study startup milestones

Portfolio Summary Dashboard 

  • Design Improvements

Site – Cross Study Performance

  • Site Specific Performance – Site dashboard renamed to Site – Cross Study Performance
  • New look and feel of entire dashboard aligned to other site dashboards
  • Ability to view site-specific performance across studies conducted in the site of interest under user’s portfolio for various KPI’s

User Experience with respect to Data Unavailability

Users will be able to see all active site names (by default) depending on study and country filters

Created bucket for Site status (USDM enhancement – Site table); currently implemented in Site Summary Dashboard and Cross Study Performance Dashboard

  • Active: All active sites
  • Closed: Closed/Archived/Terminated Sites
  • Inactive: All other status of sites like on-hold, proposed, cancelled, candidate, initiating, not participating, etc.

USDM Model expansion

  • Additional data points to ingest more information related to AE and Oncology Tumor Assessments (RECIST data)
  • Addition of ‘Visit’ column in TVA table in USDM as primary key.
  • Addition of table : CohortMilestone | CohortPlannedRecruitment |Death


Clinical Insights

Medical, Safety, and Compliance personnel can quickly review patient demographic information, lab data, adverse events, and concomitant medications to discover trends and patterns with Clinical Insights.

What’s New for Clinical Insights in LSAC 3.7: 

Lab Spaghetti-Absolute Value Dashboard: Enhancements

  • Ability to select multiple lab tests for multiple subjects.
  • Ability to choose the X axis to be as Study Days or Visit Schedule
  • Ability to zoom the specific chart area of interest across the Y and X axis.
  • View baseline visits represented as hollow icons to easily distinguish them from all other visits.
  • Performance Improvement – Dashboard widgets will load asynchronously to provide you faster insights!

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