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Product Update

Maintenance Release - LSAC 4.5.1

LSAC 4.5.1 Maintenance Bug Fixes

New features highlights and updates can be found in previous product updates.

What Issues Have Been Fixed Across Applications in LSAC 4.5.1: 

  • Planned Country is now visible in Operations Insights Dashboards
  • Oversight Scorecard Exports are working as intended
  • Executive Summary Dashboard: Study Tab – Query by Study Widget now works as intended
  • Subject Visit Dashboard – Filter dropdowns now display in chronological order
  • Subject Visit Dashboard – Protocol Version widget now displays in sequential order and properly enlarges to show the full list of protocol versions
  • Executive Summary >> Study details and Study milestones graphs no longer contain blank rows
  • Executive Summary – PDF exports now display all widgets and complete listings (Distribution by Phase/Program/Indication were missing from some PDF exports)
  • The Executive Summary – Study Tab user interface is no longer visually distorted
  • GPP Drilldowns for listing Highlighter and Scroll bar no longer display outside the GPP Tooltip
  • GPP swimlanes for Exposure and Datetime no longer split into 2 lines on tooltip
  • Multiple Unscheduled Visits in the Ops Insights Subject Visit Tracker are now ordered chronologically
  • Exec Summary – Overview – Enrollment Rate calculations are performed correctly
  • GPP 4.5: Data are properly aligned in Graphical Patient Profile Tooltip
  • The Smart Suggestions Window in Clinical Insights now appears for all LSAC accounts
  • The “more options” button now expands correctly in the Executive Summary – Study Specific Tab
  • The milestone tooltip appears properly when users hover over the “Days Ahead” related milestone in the Executive Summary Dashboard – Study Tab
  • The Subject Visit Dashboard: Subject Visit Tracker no longer displays a download completion of more than 100%
  • Executive Summary Dashboard: Study Tab – Enrollment by Arm/Cohort columns now match when listings are downloaded as .csv
  • Lab-Listing – Screen Failure subject details now display properly
  • Executive Summary- Study Tab: The key KPI widget now displays properly
  • Executive Summary Dashboard – Study Tab: The Gantt chart tooltip is now clearly visible
  • Corrected Summary Card Data for multiple Operations Insights Dashboards
  • Oncology data in Smart Clinical Explorer now displays correctly when the ‘Subject with Partial Response’ filter is applied
  • ESD: Overview tab – Study details table : Column freeze functionality
  • Vital Signs swim-lane trend lines in Graphical Patient Profiles now render correctly
  • Data are no longer mismatched for Study Life Cycle
  • The drilldown progression from “Clinical Insights” to the “Change from Baseline SOD” now works as follows: Clinical Insights>>SCE>>Solid Tumors>>Change from Baseline SOD

Known Issues in LSAC 4.5.1: 

  • Under certain conditions, the Executive Summary Report in the PDF export could potentially show an error (NaN – Not a Number) in the “% Site Activation” KPI.
  • “Site with Highest Study Drug Related AEs” in the Smart Clinical Explorer dashboard is sometimes showing incorrect counts due to a logic issue

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