Product Update

Product Update - LSAC 3.1

New Features Across Saama’s Analytics Cloud

Operations Insights

Financial Summary Dashboard

The Financial Summary Dashboard provides an overview of Budget, Actual Expenditures and Forecasted Expenditures on monthly, quarterly and yearly bases around different events or activities – like equipment for site setup, subject screening and subject visits during the trial. Summary cards provide an at-a-glance view of the planned budget, actual expenditure and forecasted expenditure for the study of interest being across the selected countries and sites.

For robust tracking across weeks, quarters, months, and years, the Financial Summary Dashboard includes: Study, Country, Site, and Duration filters.


Financial Summary Dashboard

Spend Analysis Dashboard

The Spend Analysis Dashboard is used to evaluate trends in expenditure for different categories like Site Standard Cost and Patient Cost. It also displays the expenditures on sites of interest and the expenditures incurred within each category at that site. This is a stack chart which shows the percentage of expenditure incurred in each category on a monthly, quarterly and yearly basis. The analytic also shows the average cost per subject with a line chart.

Spend Analysis Dashboard - LSAC 3.1
Quarterly Financial Review (Budget | Forecast | Actual) in Operations Insights

Spend Details Dashboard

The Spend Details dashboard lists all the expenses incurred on site level. This listing view provides detailed information around expenditures, such as expenditure category and description, spend amount and date, payment date, payee name, and payment status. To better consolidate the usually large spend details dataset, the Spend Details Dashboard has Study, Country, Site, Duration, Cost Category, Payee Name, and Payee Status filters.

Spend Details Dashboard
All expenses incurred on a study in a tabular view

Site Summary Dashboard

The Site Summary Dashboard indicates how the site of interest is performing with respect to some (configurable) key metrics. It also shows how the site is performing with respect to the country average for each of the defined metrics. The Site Summary Dashboard is comprised of two distinct components. The first component show the basic details of the site (address, CRA name, activation date, etc.). This is followed by the Site Summary Overview which is a table displaying the site performance and country average against the list of key metrics.

Site Summary Dashboard - LSAC 3.1
Evaluate the performance of key study metrics & compare with site averages (not shown: site identifying information)


Study details in the DaLIA response now show study ID, study name, therapeutic area, study start date, and study end date. Where applicable (tabular and list information), DaLIA responses can now be downloaded as a .CSV

DaLIA - Oncology Studies Query
DaLIA search results for “Show me a list of oncology studies”

The breadth and depth of queries DaLIA is capable of answering grows with each release. The 12 new intents added in LSAC 3.1 enable DaLIA to provide better responses to enrollment and milestone achievement queries. A table summarizing new intents and examples of new questions DaLIA can answer can be found here.

KPI Studio Reports

A site ID filter has been added to all out-of-the-box KPI studio reports

KPI Studio Analytics that use “Status Issues over Time” can now be used to view issues at any given time.

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